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Discussion in 'Laws, Legislation & Emissions' started by ivan44, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. ivan44

    ivan44 Guest

    For those of you who live in states that don't require register your bikes, be thankful.
    I live in Minnesota and had a heck of a time getting mine done. In the land of 10,000 lakes, my "motorized/assisted/moped bike" has to be no more than 50cc's, go no more than 20mph if registered as an assisted bike - 30mph if registered as a moped, have a mirror, head light, tail light, and working brake light(which is a bear to find, I'll post a link if anyone wants it), can't be driven on interstates, sidewalk or bike paths, but can be driven on sidewalks/bike paths if it's an electric powerd bike and not gas powered. You also have to get and carry proof of insurence(50-75 bucks a year), get a moped plate and hang it off the back of your bike and get new tabs every year just like your car.
    I bought mine from a really cool company down in Arizona called Spooky Tooth They sell old school looking cruisers and the owner ( a really cool dude named Roland) has gone way above the call of duty to get these bikes out to those who can't afford or don't want a Harley!!! He also has done a lot along the lines of fighting to get make sure riders like us aren't put thru the ringer by the cops. I don't know about you guys but I think he deserves a case of really good case of brews or bottle of 12 yr old scotch. if anyone knows him send me what he likes and I'll Fedex him a care package if ya know what I mean.
    Anyway since my bike didn't have a title like a car I was told I needed a bill of sale stating the size motor, cost, serial #, and seller's info.
    I didn't get that either, cause when I ordered mine I didn't know about all this crap and told the guys at Spookytooth I didn't need any of that.
    In MN you can do what's called a "stated title". It was made for guys that buy custom choppers, hot rods and such. You list where, who, and how the vehicle came into existence and you and the seller sign this form. I also had to provide a photo of my bike. When I registered mine two weeks ago I was only the second person to do so and it took almost an hour, a call to the state capital in St. Paul, and a lot of patience.
    I have a couple of friends who are cops. Thier not trying to be a**holes, but the law is the law, they didn't write, they get paid to enforce it. So do yourself a favor and make sure have the correct paperwork & ride responsibly. Don't register a 50cc bike or scooter and throw a 150cc Honda on it and go 55mph up and down sidewalks and across peoples lawns. They've both told me they don't care if you're doin 35mph, just don't go any faster. When you get pulled over/ and you will be for speeding they'll rake you over the coals cause your an idiot and are breakin the rules you know are in place. The 1st thing both of them told me was if you don't like the laws try to get them changed it isn't as hard as you might think. In the mean time don't ride like you're on crystal meth and trying to break the speed of sound!!!!
    I wear a helmet & orange vest. I'm also almost 40 yrs old & while I my oldest son says I'm the coolest looking dad at his school, I know if I get in a accident like a friend of mine from church did, I'll walk away, my friend is 30 yrs old, will use a walker for the rest of his life, and lost most of his short term memory cause helmets don't look cool.
    Be patient registering, the folk at the DMV are as new to this as you are.

    PS I saw the bumperstickers with, where did you get those? I want to have some made with the logo for my gas tank. Isn't amazing how everyone that see's you at a stop sign will roll down there window and ask you if you bought your bike at Walmart!


  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    In Nova Scotia Canada , they just want you to stay under 30 KM, But i don't think they enforce it around here i hardly ever see cops that much.
  3. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    Ivan.. Why did you?

    Ivan.. I am not telling you what to do ..but.. Why did you tell them what size the motor is? There are no marks on the motor. Hit the kill switch and pedal..Then..what can they do? Unless bicycles are illegal there as well. At any rate.. I was just wondering about the logic behind telling agencies what they want to hear just so you can pay them money to use your bicycle . Help keep America Free !!!
  4. ivan44

    ivan44 Guest

    I told them I've got 50cc cause that's what I've got. I'm not stupid and neither are the sheriffs I drive by everyday. I'm the first guy in this area driving a motorized bike - you better believe I'm gonna lead by example and not be stupid and ruin it for the next guy. If I get pulled over and the motor is hot enough to cook an egg on the cop can still ticket me, and then I get to go in front of a judge and try to explain that. Meanwhile everyone in the court room knows I'm lying thru my teeth, I look like a fool, still pay the fine unless I can convince them I'm Lance Armstrong, & now every cop in my area will be gunning for me cause I treid skating around the rules that I knew perfectly well were there in the first place. Isn't it smarter to just put the mirror, headlight, taillight on like they said I needed to and simply follow the speed limit and keep it at 30? If I know I'm not going to be happy going 30, then why did I just spend all the money on a bicycle? Once again if you've got issues following the rules than play a different game...not rocket science...and if you get caught breaking the rules don't cry about're the one who put yourself in that situation!

    the reason I have a ton of rules to follow now is because people couldn't act responsibe years ago. We all drive motorized BIKES ~ if you want to go 40 -50+mph just buy a motorcycle. To try and get a bicycle going that fast is just a bad idea any way you look at it. The reason the laws are there are to prevent people that aren't so bright from strapping a V-8 on a bar stool and then trying to get on the freeway. If you want to mod your bike to go like hell that's fine, just ride it up at the cabin thru a field. Then I don't have to worry about someone going mach 2 on a Schwinn sliding thru the intersection.

    If the cops see I've got my bike squared away, I'm on the shoulder like I'm supposed to be, I've got a helmet even though I legally don't have to have one, and I"m wearing an orange vest and I'm doin 30, he can plainly see I'm not trying to be a rebel without a cause and isn't gonna be a pain in my butt. He's happy I'm happy and I get to ride my bike to work in peace.

  5. jerryt

    jerryt Guest

    Good man Ivan44 - I've always believed that being honest is the best way to go. Provides a basis for self respect and sets a good example for your kids.

    Yes it can be a hassle but you'll be a better man for it. I've tried to be honest all my life and it's always served me well.
  6. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    Well..Ivan.. Then..Abide by federal law

    less than 50cc. slower than 20mph. That is federal law says they are bicycles. And that is federal law. So..Once you do that. You will be abiding by federal law. And states can not usurp federal law. But..Then again.. Sounds like the cops in your area do what they like with you. So.. Sounds like you are totally screwed no matter what. You are in the Bummer Zone Ivan.
  7. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    Ivan..You said..

    You said you are the first to have a motorized bike? Then you say later everyone has them and have set bad examples? ? I do not get it. But...You and others need to get it. These are not motorized bicycles. These are motor assisted bicycles. Period !! You can do a search on the internet and find this out. So far I know of only three places that there are any regulations what so ever on motor assisted bicycles. That is NYC, Boulder and Broomfield Colorado. But..Again.. Cops can do what they like. And it sounds like you are in a real Bummer Zone dude..
  8. locoWelder

    locoWelder Guest

    1. you have 48cc not 50cc its only marketed as 50cc you dug your own hole in that one no cop shop in there right mind is going to mic a piston to find its true size
  9. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    Good point..

    I missed that. I see now that he did tell them it is a 50cc. Not smart. I do not think that is accurate either. Typically the 50cc motors are 48.8cc. Less than 49cc.
  10. ivan44

    ivan44 Guest

    There's no bummer zone. OK last post the guys before me had mopeds/scooters not assisted bikes. Clear enough. Bottom line is they suped them up or rode like maniacs or both. I don't have cash to hire a fleet of lawyers to argue over motorized bike/assisted bike/moped/scooter definitions. The DMV here looks at them pretty much the same ~ Don't go over 50cc and keep it under 30mph. If the motor is on a bike, Honda Frame, or what ever it still boils down to the same type of vehicle. With the exception of a scooter, they all have a frame, pedals, max size motor, and speed limit. Around here I'm the FIRST to have a motorized bicycle that being a bike that had a motor put on it. Years ago no one had thought to do this. Back then you bought "moped" or "scooter" from the Honda dealer. You can make this as complicated as you want but it's really pretty simple:
    I know the cops around here WILL give me a ticket, if not several, if I don't register my bike. Now if that means I slap a 6" license plate on the back so be it. If I want to prove a point get ticketed, bike impounded, go to court to argue definitions, well that sounds like alot more BS than buying a $6 plate, and keeping them happy. I understand what your trying to say. But I don't want to be sitting on the shoulder trying to convince the coppers that they are misinterpreting the law. It's been my experience that cops don't take kindly to what they percieve as a smarta**. More often than not the cop is still gonna give me a ticket and tell me to convince the judge meanwhile I'm walking 10 miles back home to get the minivan I'm doing everything inmy power to keep butt out of. If I put a set of cranks on my the other side of my Ninja 600 is it an assisted bicycle? That's my point someone will try to do it and still call it a bicycle that just happens to go 100+mph. You know what I have no problem letting that guy take his case to the supreme court.
    tomayto - tomahto

    Dude I just want to ride my motorized bike to work at 30mph. That's it.
  11. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    and i feel that if the $6 plate is the "law" then do it, if they assure that you'll be good to go. i figure if you get the plate because it avoids problems, you're showing others that there's a way to get motoring. if the laws need to be more clearly defined or re-defined, there's strength in could be addressed later by 50 riders 'steada one lone ranger out there putting it all on the line.
  12. locoWelder

    locoWelder Guest

    I'm down for a trip to the cheese head state,hell I worked in Albert Lee for a time awile back,I love to buck the system! but I also carry Pre-paid Legal so my lawyer is cheap!
  13. ivan44

    ivan44 Guest

    pre-paid legal? Where'd you get that? Now that's a good idea!!!
  14. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Ivan44 wrote:
    First of all, I think you are doing the right thing to get "right with the law". BUT, when you fill out the registration, and this is with a clerk, not a cop or judge, gently INSIST that label read "motor assisted bicycle". You are not going to argue about engine size or speed, but maybe claim that you use it for exercise, and a MAB can be turned off at anytime and it is a bike, whereas every other type would have to be pushed.

    That is the feature that differentiates us.

    I think, through this forum, we are stressing safety and precautiion. I too was the first to bring them into the area, and tell my customers to "slow down" in urban situations, use back streets and alternative routes to avoid the worst traffic situations.

    That is the freedom part, where you can go two blocks over from the busiest avenues and pretty much OWN that street. If you commute with a bike, people will get acquainted with seeing you 5 days a week, give you a wider berth.

    As the idea gets more widespread, maniacs will jump in the saddles, that is a given. The whole disguise idea will blow up when some guy puts a 100plus cc engine on a Schwinn, with a handmade plate declaring it a 49cc.

    Because I'm traveling through unfamiliar states, with possibly irregular local laws, I have to just hope that OTHER guys don't spoil the soup by drag racing and terrorizing old ladies with shopping bags on sidewalks.

    But I go out of my way, when meeting cops along the way, to explain IT IS A BICYCLE. (I don't claim to have a doctor's note, but imply it is good for blood circulation and stress levels).

    It is a good guess that I have talked to nearly 50 cops, mostly asking "where the hell am I, and how do I get somewhere else?" (the lost idjut ploy), but many spend a few minutes asking questions, I tell how a $1 sticker can be purchased which says POLICE, and they could become one of us.

    The very best advantage we have is 360 degree vision, knowing all the dangers in front and in back of us, PLUS experience in what routes work and which places to avoid.

    Just a ramble, everybody has to do whatever they must locally, but for the good of the future industry, don't let some clerk put MOPED in the vehicle description line, politely ask them to write Motor Assisted Bicycle.

    That simple act may one day help you and/or others with "do gooder" legislation.
  15. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    Bama Guy Said it !!

    Bama guy hit the nail on the head. And remember. We are just trying to help and keep America Free !! Enjoy the ride....
  16. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest


    And always play by the rules.... Enjoy the ride..
  17. ivan44

    ivan44 Guest

    Welcome to the laws of MN:

    Subdivision 1. Safety equipment; parking. Except as otherwise provided in this section,
    section 169.974 relating to motorcycles is applicable to motorized bicycles, except that:
    (1) protective headgear includes headgear that meets the American National Standard for
    Protective Headgear for Bicyclists, ANSI Z90.4-1984, approved by the American National
    Standards Institute, Inc.;
    (2) a motorized bicycle equipped with a headlight and taillight meeting the requirements of
    lighting for motorcycles may be operated during nighttime hours;
    (3) except as provided in clause (5), protective headgear is not required for operators 18
    years of age or older;
    (4) the provisions of section 169.222 governing the parking of bicycles apply to motorized
    (5) the operator of an electric-assisted bicycle must wear properly fitted and fastened
    headgear that meets the American National Standard for Protective Headgear for Bicyclists, ANSI
    Z90.4-1984, approved by the American National Standards Institute, Inc., when operating the
    electric-assisted bicycle on a street or highway; and
    (6) eye protection devices are not required for operators of electric-assisted bicycles.
    Subd. 2. License or permit. (a) A motorized bicycle may be operated under either a driver's
    license or a motorized bicycle permit issued under section 171.02, subdivision 3.
    (b) A person under the age of 16 operating a motorized bicycle under a motorized bicycle
    permit is subject to the restrictions imposed by section 169.974, subdivision 2, on operation of a
    motorcycle under a two-wheel instruction permit, except that:
    (1) a parent or guardian of an operator under the age of 16 may also ride on the motorized
    bicycle as a passenger or operator if the motorized bicycle is equipped with a seat and footrests
    for a second passenger;
    (2) a motorized bicycle equipped with a headlight and taillight meeting the requirements of
    lighting for motorcycles may be operated during nighttime hours;
    (3) protective headgear includes headgear described in subdivision 1; and
    (4) protective headgear is required only until the operator reaches the age of 18 years.
    Subd. 3. Sidewalk and passenger prohibitions. No person shall operate a motorized bicycle
    upon a sidewalk at any time, except when such operation is necessary for the most direct access to
    a roadway from a driveway, alley or building. No person shall operate a motorized bicycle that is
    carrying any person other than the operator, except as allowed under subdivision 2.
    Subd. 4. Headlight requirement. The provisions of section 169.974, subdivision 5,
    paragraph (i), apply to motorized bicycles that are equipped with headlights. After June 1, 1987, a
    new motorized bicycle sold or offered for sale in Minnesota must be equipped with a headlight.
    Subd. 5. Other operation requirements and prohibitions. (a) A person operating a
    motorized bicycle on a roadway shall ride as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of
    the roadway except in one of the following situations:
    (1) when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction;
    (2) when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway; or
    (3) when reasonably necessary to avoid conditions, including fixed or moving objects,
    vehicles, pedestrians, animals, surface hazards, or narrow width lanes, that make it unsafe to
    continue along the right-hand curb or edge.
    (b) Persons operating motorized bicycles on a roadway may not ride more than two abreast
    and may not impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic. On a laned roadway, a person
    operating a motorized bicycle shall ride within a single lane.
    (c) This section does not permit the operation of a motorized bicycle on a bicycle path or
    bicycle lane that is reserved for the exclusive use of nonmotorized traffic.
    (d) Subject to the provisions of section 160.263, subdivision 3, a person may operate an
    electric-assisted bicycle on a bicycle lane. A person may operate an electric-assisted bicycle on
    the shoulder of a roadway if the electric-assisted bicycle is traveling in the same direction as the
    adjacent vehicular traffic.
  18. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    I don't ride at night.

    Wish the gubbmint could finance us with a grant to build THE light.

    I bought a $10 chinese generator, works up to 15 miles per hour, but useless at high speeds.

    But, technically, it's a headlight.... :???:
  19. ivan44

    ivan44 Guest

    It's funny how Uncle Sam will billions to protect oil rights overseas but won't invest 2 cents on fuel efficient transportation like motorized bikes?

    Let me see 150 miles per gallon vs. 20 mpg ~ Maybe our gov is dislexic and sees 20 mpg as better :?
  20. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest


    Why post rules for a motorized bicycle? These are not motorized bicycles. A motorized bicycle is that which has two wheels and uses a motor as its only mode of propulsion. That is how they come. What we have is certainly not that. What we have or what I have is a bicycle. It was and still is a bicycle first !! The motor was added to assist or aid in propulsion. Since it was and is a bicycle first, it has nor did it ever come with a head light, or a tail light or any of those things. Why? Because bicycles do not come with that stuff. They just do not. They have DOT reflectors. That is it. Typically. But..The fact is.. They are bicycles first. Period. These are not motorized bicycles. These are motor assisted bicycles. Period. That is also the Federal Ruling as well. Under this legal section you will see the federal regs posted. Motorized bicycle rules were made because of Go Peds, Pocket rockets, ect. Those are motorized bicycles. These bicycles are not motorized. These are motor assisted. As you will find in most states, if you ask for regulations regarding motor assisted bicycles, you will most likely find there are none. There are rules for motorized bicycles. But none for motor assisted bicycles in most places. That means...In most places they are not regulated, and..If you do something to make the cops mad, they will try to find a regulation to put you under. So..This is what you do. Ride cool, be nice..Keep in under the radar so that you will not be the case law for your state. If you do wind up in court and you are the first, get a lawyer so you can win and make case law in favor of motor assisted bicycles. and help keep america free. Thanks.. Enjoy the ride...