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    I live in new york, and I was told that anything above 50cc Is considered a moped. I want to register it anyway. Do you need insurance on it?

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    Welcome to the forum. You might want to do a search on ny MAB laws, NY is one of the strictest in the nation unless the laws have changed.
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    Most New Yorkers stick to e-bikes because of their laws governing motorized bicycles.
    The previous Lord Mayor tried to ban e-bikes in the city.
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    According to the news reports on Thursday January 1, 2015, In Indiana, license plates will be required on motor scooters for the first time following complaints about unsafe driving by those who've lost their licenses because of drunken driving arrests or other offenses. Check the law carefully! MAB in Maryland are already classified as motor scooters and require insurance and tags, but not a drivers license and can be used by anyone over 16!
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    Hi Chevy, welcome to Motoredbikes.
    As one of the posters said, go to the DMV website.
    At one time legalizing e-bikes was proposed here in the Empire Strikes back state. (anything with a motor of any kind is required to be licensed in NY- including e bikes).
    The proposed law failed.

    I bought a scrap moped with a reg (they don't carry titles) and put lights on my bike along with the tag off the Puch.
    At the time my bike was a hybred gas/elect. and would go only 20 mph.
    So I asked the lady at the DMV if she could switch the category for the bike to one lower down (not requiring insurance- I had insurance on it but that is one less hassle with NY in the future, should anything arise).
    She said "20 MAX?" I said yes. So she changed it and gave me a plate.
    The plate on the back is the golden goose.
    It, and a good helmet, safety vest, glasses, a quiet motor and riding sanely make for a never been stopped situation.

    So my insurance is 50 bucks a year, the low level mopeds- 20mph, require no insurance or inspection.
    30 mph, require insurance but no inspection.

    The above are the basket case mopeds to look for. I think they are called A and B class.
    I doubt anyone actually bought the 40 mile per hour class C? mopeds (requiring insu. and inspection.

    You can run any engine you want (I ended up using the Puch front end and wheels (giving good brakes and real strong wheels) onto my latest bike with a 212 HF engine.

    You could run a small block chevy in a bike if you want- the ratings are by speed not cc.

    With the 212 and the 3 speed jackshaft/hub, I cruise up to 30 mph or so, but pedal in first gear if I have to use a sidewalk sometimes.
    Not having a motorcycle style gastank in front of me helps the bike look unlike a motorcycle (it is behind the seat).

    I bought a Puch moped basket case, but anything with a registration would be OK because these things are quite old and who would know a Honda from a Puch now- just put a sticker on it.
    I managed to heat and peel the 35 year old Puch stickers off.
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    Yes, there is a reason we call you the professor. You just laid out a clear path that many had previously considered impassible.
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    The last I knew, NY's laws were strict. But the professor just gave you a pretty good road map to get where you want to be anyway. (Good job, prof)

    The only thing I'd add is that you should refuse to listen (though you can pretend) to the know-it-alls who've never even ridden one of these things but view themselves as some sort of authority on the laws governing them.

    You'll run into plenty of that type of idiot.
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    Thanks for the help