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    Hey all, anyone know about how much it costs to register a 50cc bicycle ? I called my dmv and they really couldnt give me a quote ..i guess i would have to go there..but I need to know a ballpark figure of the cost.

    Also..i cant find a bicycle license plate holder plate anywhere on the net. Anyone know where one could be?

    thanks! RJ

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    I don't know if the plate is the same size as a motorcycle plate in Florida or not. It probably is. A motorcycle plate is smaller than a regular car plate, so I'm guessing a motorcycle frame might work. I got my first frame from my local Honda shop. I'm pretty sure it's a motorcycle size frame, So do a search for motorcycle license plate frames. And as you can see, I'm in California, So I have no idea what reg. is in your state.
    Big Red.
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    Look up RS-68, the info is on this forum.

    It's like $40 to get your motorized bike inspected.
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