Registration in Pennasylvania

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    I was wondering if we have to register are bikes Pennasylvania. I was told
    we do and I was told we don`t. I called the DMV in Harisburg the person
    I talked to said he would have to research it and he would get back to me.
    I have not heard A thing so far.I guess he for got about me.

  2. I did the same thing you did. The researcher called back in 4 buisiness days, as promised. They didn't find a good answer. Read what has been written in the legal section. We have people looking for answers. Stay tuned.
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    Go over to the "Motorbiking Laws and legislation" section of the forum, and check out the post from our friend bamabikeguy. It is called " your honor, I'd like to introduce exhibit A". Some really interesting links to the NHTSA. The letters seem to explain why perhaps there is no clear cut law in Pennsylvania. They are under federal jurisdiction as a bicycle as long as under 50cc, 2hp, and pedal assist. I expect to also have an answer in a couple of weeks from the fellow in Hbg. area that is researching paperwork right now.
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    Email your state's motor vehicle website, asking them.

    Specify that you want to put an engine on a bicycle frame, and want to know if it would be legal to ride on public roads.
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    registration in Pennasyvania

    I have A copy of the DMV fact sheet in front of me that I got from A
    private vendor. it reads 1 engine may not exceed 50cc. 2 may not have more
    then 1.5 horsepower.3 Operable pedals required.4 It must have A automatic transmission. 5 top speed no more then 25 mph.6 Does not require inspection
    here is the DMV phone number 1 800 932 4600. The problem is no body
    knowes what there doing ever time A call them they say they will research it
    and get back to me. they never call back. I been riding it past cops
    for the last 1/2 year they never gave me A second look.
  6. It is a pretty confusing mess, isn't it. I've been riding here for 4 years now with no hassles. I guess I'll just keep riding my MBs until I'm forced to stop. The only problem I've had is when I was involved in an accident and one of the cops didn't like my bike. He didn't give my a ticket or even a warning, just grumbled and *****ed.
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    Motorbikemike. Im going to do the same thing.thanks for the reply. I just ordered
    A GT2 kit with A 66cc motor. Check it out it may be


    cigron has it right. 50cc or less, pedals, under 25 and you're good. My local police have already checked it out.
    Once the police found I was legal they stopped me just to ask about the bike!
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    Total carnage. thangs for the reply the DMV never called back.Im going
    to take the side plate of my 66cc and but it on my 48cc.On my frist
    build I road by the cops many times. They never gave me A second look
    although the DMV says that it needs registered:jester:.But I like yout idea better if the DMV don`t know s%#&* about it:jester:im shore the cop no less.
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    Ahh i got pulled over 1 time.
    Probably becase i was riding in traffic with traffic.
    Ride down the side and they leave you alone.

    No ticket i got let go.

    He said go register it.

    I would if i didn't have to have a title.


    No problem cigron. Just remember, our official title is "Motor Assisted Bicycle"
    and we are allowed anywhere a bike can go. Some trails like "Rails to Trails" have there own rules and no motors are allowed there. I have never had a problem there but I go to pedal power if anyone is around. :whistling:
    I must admit, I live in a small town and have a nice police force and a state police barracks near by and I have never had anything but good interactions with any of them.
    What part of Pa. are you in? And what are you riding? Got a pic?
    Lotta questions huh?? :grin5:
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    total carnage I live in Wormleysburg.Right across the river from harrisburg
    I can see the dome of state captial looking out my front for my
    MB bike my old one seized im going to keep for parts.I ordered A new one
    from GT2 kit with A 66cc motor im going to take the side
    plate from my 48cc and put on my new one then I ill be like the criminals
    under the dome across the river from me.
  13. I thought about registering my MB as a moped. The biggest problem is the lighting. Pa. requires an engine driven charging system (generator or alternator) to recharge a battery to operate the DOT approved lights. I don't believe DOT approved tires would be a problem, as I don't think they would be checked that closely, and no inspection criteria for mopeds exists in Pa. law. The DOT approved lights and a battery with charging system would add too much weight and complexity for me, as well as robbing too much power from my already hard working Robin 35. It just isn't worth it and would ruin a simple, uncomplicated hobby for me. I'll keep riding my MB until they make me stop.
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    Simple Trailer Lights at the auto store are DOT approved.
    And i believe alot of the moped shops sell dot approved lights.

    Someday i will register a bike in PA.

    For now im still riding.....only been pulled over 1 time and no ticket.

    I honestly believe we are technically legal.


    I just can't understand why anyone would WANT to register their bicycle as a moped. :confused:
    When you live in a state that allows you to ride a MB with no hassle why mess it up. Someone, somewhere is going to think..Well if this guy feels a need to register his motorized bike then maybe EVERYONE should pay us for the privilege!
    I myself like it the way it is. No registration....No insurance....maybe I feel like I'm getting over on the government or something but I like it! They get enough of my money now!
    I'm thinking that you my LOOSE some privileges as a Moped. Are they allowed on bike trails? bike lanes?
    I guess what I need to understand is, What do you gain by being a Moped??
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    I meant someday when i have to.