Regret buying the kit I bought!

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by coolshoeshine, May 1, 2009.

  1. coolshoeshine

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    So yeah I'm trying to return the kit I bought from and I'd rather get a full refund from them and buy from another website! It was a **** Chinese kit and yeah I didn't find this forum until after I purchased this kit! Well yeah any suggestions on what sites I should buy from and what companies I can get a good quality engine from?

  2. Mountainman

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    it's all in what one wishes to pay we reckon ?

    and what one expects from the motor bike ride ?

    you are here now -- look around -- many different threads -- vendor area -- should be a must

  3. crazeehorse

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    Why are you returning it? I asume you are talking about a H/T frame mount. I think to most people, the kits are all very similar. i have 3 from 3 different places just different grips, one had a dished sprocket, the other 2 had plain flat sprockets. not much difference otherwise. ask if your getting exactly what is in the pic of the kit.
  4. coolshoeshine

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    well first the fastening bolt for throttle sleeve broke and so i went and bought a new one then when i was mounting the muffler the bolt broke on that and i wasn't even trying to force it tighter!
  5. crazeehorse

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    that sounds normal, i have had at least 2 peices of hardware break, strip, twist on each bike, of the 3 i have. i go to the parts house, & buy better grade hardware, a inline fuel filter, & some good gasket material to replace the intake, & exhaust gaskets. you can also purchase these items from the vendors on this site, or any number of other websites.
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    A bunch of people sell upgraded hardware kits. Which is a good idea no matter where you got the original kit. The washers that come with the kits can be bent in your hand. Chances are the motor you got is ok, or as good as many you can get. Rather then pay a restocking fee if they will take the kit back at all.

    Chock up that $100 as an experience. You're only 23, it is good to learn lessons without a trip to the hospital or jail.

    Spookytooth, LivefastMotors, USABikeMotors. (Yes they are all AZ companies, but I am a AZ kind of guy.
  7. machiasmort

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    Hey Cool

    That's normal... They Chinese hardware is junk... Go to home Depot and replace the rear sprocket hardware with 1/4 x 20 boults of the same length. I replaced the motor mount 6mm threaded rod with some bought at Value. All in all, I think I spent $20

    Well worth it!
  8. Porkchop

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    Hey Dude ! Don't give up yet. I'm like other people here. I just got into this about a month ago myself. I have a Grubee engine still in the box. I bought it first, but ended up building a friction drive kit. From what I gather, they're more reliable. I want a bike I can ride and not have to work on a lot. I to am under the impression that all these frame kits from China are about 99% the same. I don't think any of them will be a simple bolt on with no mods. The Grubee I have, where the exhaust pipe is factory welded to the flange, there is a lot of what I think you call "SLAG" & it prevents the washers form seating flate against the flange. It will definitely have to grind it flat and smooth. No big deal to me though. I pitty those that don't have the proper power tools to make the job easier. Also, the bike I was going to mount it on, I was going to have the bend the exhaust pipe to clear the bottom bracket and several other not so perfect things were going to have to be adjusted. Point being, like I said, I don't think any of these kits are going to be strictly a take out of box and bolt on procedure. Scan the forum for vendors. I've seen good and bad remarks about the same vendors. And if these sngines are all pretty much the same, it does make me wonder what's the difference about a $100.00 kit form one vendor vs. another kit that seems to be pretty much the same from another vendor but for $50.00 to $150.00 more on the asking price ! Don't throw in the towel yet ! Hang in there !
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  9. macarollo

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    I agree with the others... all of the HT kits require some extra love... throw away ALL, not some, but ALL of the stock hardware. Replace it with strong stuff. Use locktite on every bolt.... EVERY bolt.

    You'll thank yourself for this upgrade.
  10. arceeguy

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    I always replace the nuts that hold the head on if they are acorn nuts. I sometimes replace the front mounting studs with long bolts.

    I know that this is contrary to what many others will tell you, but as long as you don't overtorque the hardware, you won't experience any breakage. I use blue loctite on all mounting hardware, and torque the engine mounting fasteners to 8 lb/ft with a small torque wrench. Over tightening will either cause the studs to pull from the case, or snap from the combination of stretching and engine vibration. Most folks will pull a wrench over 20 lb/ft without even thinking they are stretching the fasteners.
  11. Porkchop

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    If you have a Harbor Freight near by, go buy yourself a 1/4" drive torque wrench. They're cheap and again disposable Chinese junk as we call them around here. The small 1/4" drive is plenty big enugh for theses bike engines. I like using smaller tools on stuff like this. It's to easy to over torque nuts and bolts with larger drives. At least it is for me ! I've had a few torque wrenches from Harbor Freight (different size drives) for several years now and there still holding up. Again, don't get discouraged to quickly !
  12. mlcorson

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    This is a personal value issue. If you value RIDING over being challenged by the act of building, adopting a motor and learning new things, then you should return the motor and/or take your loss. You can then buy another motor kit that has a reputation for being easy to assemble and reliability. No shame in that. You'll not be chasing a bad decision you made trying to make it right. However, if you can get excited about the challenge, the opportunity to learn something new...well... then go for it. You have decide what you value most. Personally, I've done both and I've come to realize I value riding more.
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  13. Porkchop

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    Hey Mike & Coolshoe, I think Mike's remark was valid. Me ? I'd rather ride. I do like challenges too though. But as far as these motorized bikes go, I'd rather have something reliable that I can ride, enjoy and not have to work on and worry about breaking down 10 miles from home. I don't care what motor you use, when you get your bike completed, get it dialed in, and ride it, I'm sure you feel a great sense of pride, accomplishment and enjoyment. I'd love to get into making customized motorized bicycles. My weakest point there is I know virtually nothng about welding. I hate to be dependant on someone else. Good ting I have friend that own's a machine shop ! Remember, quitters never win and winners never quit ! Just build it !
  14. Junster

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    The Sick Bike Parts Engine hardware kit is 9.95. I bought one it had every thing I needed to upgrade the engine fasteners.
  15. arceeguy

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    Any bicycle engine kit, regardless of who made it, will offer challenges to installation. It has nothing to do with the kits, but the myriad of variations in the bicycles themselves.

    If someone justs wants to ride, maybe a moped or 50cc scooter should be considered. (warranty and dealer service)
  16. Pablo

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    I doubt you'll get a full refund, plus you will have to do the freight cost - BOTH ways. As an individual shipping the thing, the freight back alone is probably worth keeping it. Every clone kit is pretty much the same, sometimes the extras are a bit better, but the suplied engine hardware is fairly universally garbage....and I found it humorous someone in one of the forums started a thread about how the hardware isn't junk, people just overtorque stuff. While this may be true, I certainly didn't overtighten the JUNK 6 mm nuts, or the M8x1 acorn nuts on my head!!

    Anyway, hang in there. To quote Animal house: "we need the dudes"
  17. MotorBicycleRacing

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    The Grubee 2 stroke kits that I sell are superior to the Raw / PK kits that I used to sell in just about every way and other kits I have seen.
    66 cc GT 4
    50 cc Gen II

    The studs on the Grubee's are black oil hardened from Japan instead of
    butter soft metal on the other kits and are really pretty good if they are loctited in place.

    The grubee's don't use acorn nuts on the head and the nuts are double
  18. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    I don't consider Grubee a clone. Thank you very much.
  19. redpiper777

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    If you really want to stick with this style of engine check this guy out...He is out of stock on engines right now but more on the way soon from what his site says...He does use the Chinese engine but he really does a lot of work on them to get them up to snuff. Needless to say they are a bit more than your average ebay type buy..I bought one for my bike last fall but havent fired it up yet cuz the bikes not done yet...He is very helpfull and really backs up what he says...I have always been able to get a quick answer from him and he has a pretty cool warreny and a TON of info on his site...Anyway, the guys name is Chris Hill and heres his site...
  20. vegaspaddy

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    hi coolshoeshine

    well you have found motored bike heaven my friend,

    its now up to you, keep the kit and a 100 blokes on here will help you get on the road, or fork out some bigger greenbacks and get a quality kit which will be an easier installation and more time in the saddle and less time behind a spanner !!!!

    Getting a refund, well that will depend on the dealer !!!!

    AS far as dealers check out the reviews section.