Regular vs. Wider intake?

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    So i'm trying to upgrade my stock intake from the cheap, crudely welded and bent to something of higher quality. Looking around I noticed that there are "wider" intakes available. These wider intakes appear to match the head port much better than the stock manifold which is just a circle at the end. Are these intakes interchangeable, or is the stud spacing on the heads actually wider on certain models?

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    stud spacing appears to be the same. biggest issue i find with intake mods is that the spacing is so narrow.

    dremel/diegrinder, round file and some patience has about the same effect ;)

    port area is only equal to 17mm ID anyway.
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    Thanks Gyro. I did use a dremel tool and it seemed to open up the intake a good bit. At least it got rid of the leftover welds. Recently I just installed the expansion chamber and high performance air filter from Sick Bike Parts. Hands down, this upgrade is the best in my opinion for these bikes. So much more torque and just overall performance is night and day difference.
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    The new expansion chamber or the intake manifold? Just curious, does Canada have laws on that sort of thing?
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    There is no markings that I can tell on the pipe. Are the cops really that concerned about that kind of stuff where you live? In Pennsylvania where I live, the police are more concerned with automobile inspection and emissions than motorcycle/moped which has no emissions test.
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    Forget about the concept of wider intakes. Much better results can be had with the Rock Solid Engines reed valve intake system, which eliminates all of the issues that come with a poorly designed (stock standard) intake tube.