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  1. Reid

    Reid Member

    Have missed Aussiejester.

    Have been ill.

    Just learned of Rhett's death.

    Condolences don't count for much.

    Being of his age, and sort of health history,
    perhaps he had a sudden cardiac stoppage,
    unconscious before he hit the pavement.

    Possibly, even with a helmet, he would have been a goner
    That's usually the case when a middle aged man "faints":
    "sudden cardiac death", so often it is, when there is no prior history
    of fainting due to low blood sugar or low blood pressure;

    and ninety percent of the time, they, the sudden death people, just
    don't come back, even with instant, paramedic action and shock paddles, etc.

    Add in the head injury: have seen the exact situation before, but it was a faint
    (heart "attack" = fibrillation = no circulation = quick black out = no pain,

    and then a crack of the falling-backward's mans head HARD onto the concrete floor.

    I gave CPR but to no avail. In comfort, we can know:
    he never felt a thing. He never suffered. He cannot hurt now.

    Only his family has to deal with the empty chair.....
    The man I tried to save? I learned after by reading the obits.
    He was my elementary school principle, retired then, from about twenty years before.
    He once "spared the rod" and saved this child. I wish I could have saved him in return,
    in gratitude.

    Thoughts are with Rhett's family. Only time will help, a bit, to get past this initial stage of
    seemingly unbearable grief. He's OK now, in a way.....

    So sorry here; we all regret much as we celebrate new life.
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  2. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Yes, it's sad.

    Your post suggests that you know the people here. Have you been around before?
  3. Reid

    Reid Member

    No, I have just arrived for the first time as of yesterday.

    Someone posted the sad news to E.S.

    The link there brought me to the announcement made here by
    my old mate from E.S., AussieJester, to whom I =owe=....


    For him, A.J. , now, a bit of levity:

    Your tedious, tardy friend,


    good wishes to all here.
    ..oh :whistling: Let us Prey!


    Eat More Toad
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  4. Reid

    Reid Member

    Love or "hate"?

    Australia must somehow exterminate these aliens,

    not their fault to be there in AU. But...they are destroying the indigenous animals, unique to that continent.

    Here in Miami, I have handled cane toads (we call them "bufos") since childhood...we'd collect small ones by the bucket full and then dump them gently to the lawn, preferably the lawn of some crabby neighbor.

    Off they'd hop in all directions. After a rain, all the little guys would be out,
    soaking up the water (toads cannot 'drink'), and eating all the little lawn buggies, and not harming anyone or thing, than the occasional fool-dog that would mouth a toad and learn a quick lesson. We never lost a dog to a cane toad. And once a dog had mouthed a toad, it knew to never do that again.

    This is the self-intro forum. This is one of the things I like to do:
    waste six minutes of your life?
    (it may give you 'sum Zen' in pay-back)


    Also, why am I so strange and wordy? My first paternal g'mother's first cousin.
    Click to hear one of his two surviving radio broadcasts...this one made the very day, within an hour or two of my g'father's sudden cardiac death.


    Lucky me to have inherited his genetic predisposition to always tell the truth,
    and to try to guide thought in the right directions. Like Drew, though, often enough, I err.

    So, now you know me: THE FOOL who fears no man or men.

    And I just have to get involved.
    I cannot walk away from an incident of any nature, toad robbery, nor strong-arm robbery.

    AM NO HERO, but only a witness, to love and death...for this temporary time of mine,
    playing a role of some sort, in and for, life.


    DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I am now Public Target Number One.
    I did not post the prime data to YT to "gain" LOOKIT ME I'M A GOOD CIT-ZEN,
    I posted it with my REAL name because I am no coward or screen name hidey-poo.

    Do you now understand why, now, and it STARTED on that day of my becoming IN THE MIDDLE of a crime in progress,

    do you all understand the point of pubishing the data to the 'net?

    A: No, I don't suppose that many here or anywhere will 'get it'.
    EXPLANATION: IF we all carried hundred dollar digicams of SD quality in our pants pocket,
    ready to whip out in case of accident or crisis, MUCH crime of opportunity would simply not happen, then:

    Mr. Robber, once the trait becomes common, will think thrice before he robs or knocks down an old lady for her purse, BECAUSE =you=, fellow citizen, are there with a slim, tiny, good camera in your pocket, ready to capture the criminal in the act, or just after the act, and then PUBLISH the data (I gave the po-po a digital dub of the entire memory card, which has much more on it),
    in order to give the robbers second thought before taking someone's life in public.

    IF we all carried cameras instead of guns,,,,these pooooor thugs would not get themselves into trouble so much,
    and little old ladies and young fathers, like that attendant, would not die.
    DO YOU UNDERSTAND from video #4, that, too late as I was to get the full action,
    the robber saw me getting out the camera and so he abandoned the scene in a big hurry.
    It was horrible, the chase of the robber against the attendant, who apparently had nabbed robber's wallet...robber wanted his ID back...he had the till money, but the attendant had the robber's wallet.
    HE APPEARED, horrifically, certainly, screaming at and murderously intent
    to catch the attendant and, imo, probably, STOMP the victim's head and kill that witness
    (my conjecture),

    but, I was there, turning on the camera as two men ran around the property, around my car. Robber sees me with camera, could not quite catch the attendant-victim, and so, cut and ran.
    THAT is when the digicam was fired up, just after the robber slammed his car door and prepared
    to ZOOM away. But I got his license plate, right there, on video, and all of the moments after.

    Tonight, a young, alive, Haitian father is at home
    with his family, uninjured, but mentally scarred for life.
    POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME almost guaranteed for his life to come.

    Tonght, a young, on-the-up-ladder, male, only twenty, is suffering the tortures of the self-ruined.
    I will do my best to help him "rehabilitate".
    Yet, he will not be ruined for life. I will see for that, as best as I can do in court.

    EVERYONE messes died, thank the luck.
    HE, the robber, will be salvaged,
    and if my testimony in court can be of any use,
    I will, with the consent of his victim,
    beg the judge for leniency, if the robber is not a recidivist.
    It appears likely that he was opportunist...a grab into the till...and it did not go well
    after that error, not well for him at all.

    SEND HIM HOME with a GPS ankle bracelet, back home, on probation, and promises to make restitution promises to keep for life, and to apologize to ALL,,,, but not to me.

    carry a camera? I sure do. I am a journalist by avocation, by blood, and by hook of the crooks.

    LOOK at my siggie? The cops hate me. I have beaten the cops worse, now, than one of them
    literally beat me, trying to MURDER me, premeditated.

    I don't back down from trolls nor bullies of any stripe, ever, period.

    Thank Drew (lucky me, for being kin, not proud) for my ability to draw FIRE.

    I am in real life, a really sweet, but undependable "friend". Ask AJ?
    BUT, I play very real roles of tough to tender.

    "Me", in pretend, in this clip.
    :grin5: I'll Joan Crawford any of you who mess with my head.
    So do =I=.
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  5. Reid

    Reid Member

    Not really a 'bump',

    Just want to see if my signature lines now show up in new postings.

    I like that here we can edit posts for errors (I make many typos because of dyslexia and bad eyes).

    I wish I could edit older posts; like for instance to alter that opening post's sad smilie,
    it was an error, but I was thinking of Rhett, and not of new more pleasant things that will come. Moods change with the =whether=, you know what I mean?

    Maybe can contribute something to the technical portions of this forum?
    I know a fair bit about engine lubrication and oils, as that is a long-time study for me:
    lubrication I don't rub things the wrong way, not too much, I hope!

    siggie should appear below now, I hope. And the last link is comedy, not 'obscene',
    it's on Youtube, and is a word every human owes his or her very life unto, but if it's
    upsetting to anyone, I will remove it. YT does not allow filth. To me, the ROOT word is
    clean. What do you think, all?

    Gentle regards,

    Signature works! Maybe too well....
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  6. Reid

    Reid Member

    Whist at the top...

    Whilst at the top, so as to not dominate over other new members here,

    I note that the word filter will not even allow the "d" word, which is a biblical word and not an abusive word nor a sexual innuendo or offensive word.

    Mark Twain and all other great writers (I am no of their ilk) routinely wrote the "d" word into their literature.

    Q: if this is a Christian-oriented forum, then why cannot a person use that most basic of Christian words, "****"; as in, "the ****ed thing won't start!"


    Just trying to learn the ropes, the logics here. Will comply with admin-itions.:eek:
  7. Reid

    Reid Member

    The "d" word, short quote with attribution:


    Oh, darn my sox. I cannot even install the source link without the word filter rendering the link inoperable.

    Now, to try tinyurl:

    OK, that works, but is a work-around rules here, and if this is a "clean word" only forum,
    then why can't we even use biblical words????

    I cannot see the logic to rule out the "D" word; it even mangles the Edison quote below,
    for he did NOT say "blasted", but he said d - a - m and n. He would be incensed,
    but he's dead and no upset to the imbalance of this place where even Christian language is prohibited?

    And no, I am not a Believer, but a tolerator of human communcations...within earshot of tiny kids who need not learn four letter words from me, not here, anyway.

    Can't even quote the Bible? So confused, r.
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  8. ENO

    ENO Member

    Belated...Welcome to Mbc

    Hey Reid..Eno in Oz..After your brief intro I thought I would (belatedly) say "welcome" from Oz..Its good to have some elderly statesmen on site..we have mechanical men, techno men and some other wordsmiths who always contribute..The moderators only jump in when the post is in the wrong thread or the terminology "may" offend other members or their audience who may be looking in....Anyway "The Scourge of Oz".. the dreaded Cane Toad..I reckon they must have a small chinese two stroke attached under their back legs as they travel fast between the states and reek havoc at each pit stop..until they run into a baseball bat or a Pirelli (which turns them into a cooked schnitzel on the hot tar)...If you havent as yet got yourself a ride send us some photos of your favourite lubricant as I remember you saying that this was your area of expertise...Anyway going to "splat" some indiginees on the freeway, have a snack, and then ride home again to clear the tread on the tyres..Good luck.. Eno...PS. Love the Jackson Five afro.
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  9. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    G'day Mr Reid

    Good to see you wandered over to this forum, friendly lot here, (although it has an ever expanding electric bicycle section) is geared towards ICE bicycles, which is fine, i thought if we got a few of the experienced fellas here from ES it might open the eyes of some of the die hard ICE bike users :) I see a handful of familiar names popping up on the forum here now, first thoughts were they were getting tired of the ES crowd but then i saw YPedal also signed up...can't stay away from Safe im thinking hehehe ...j/k YPedal...;-) Good to see you here also more experience the better...

    Anyhootz welcome aboard Reid...hows that underwater prepped bike of yours coming along must be finished by now BUT i haven't seen any YouTube footage!!!1 What The!!! Reid in pool on lectric bike NOW damzit!!!



    p.s Reid...i liked your lil poem...heres a few for you to ponder...

    what is an Aussie talking about when he refers to a 'fanny'

    Why would i call someone 'Bluey'

    Whats a 'Dag' in Aussie speak Reid? or a 'Drongo' how bout a 'yobbo'

    If i saw a 'Joe Blake" what would i be lookin at?... TIP: think Skink with no legs Reid hehe

    Im on the 'el Capone' what am i doing Reid?

    A 'Tart' isn't always made from pastry in Australia...some Tarts are Human...which ones Reid?

    XXXX in In OZ also refers to something other than X-Rated Pr0n LoL... Not that i
    would recommend it...VB all the way Fosters for tourists and export :p

    If i ordered a "dead horse with sauce" what would be served?

    Should keep you amused on G00GlE for a bit...LoL

    "Hooroo" - from your old 'Ocker' friend...
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  10. Reid

    Reid Member

    Hello Eno. This is YankeeJester Reid here.

    Have read and digested and partially regurgitated (am about to retch on AJ below), all that you say and said, and MORE :devilish:

    Thank you for the kind welcome. We are all on the same CRAZZZY page of adult-fun SANITY, walking on all fours (or TWOS, if we consider' AJ's reality)

    YankeeJester Reid
  11. Reid

    Reid Member

    G'day, urself, u old two cylinder clown I love unto death...but will save your dignity and life as well as a fellow clown can do! Here, again, repeated,
    for it has altered and it has grown like Topsy;
    I wrote this just the other day, as you know, for YOU.

    AND LOOK at how they have received it there?
    FIFTY THOUSAND "poems" on that site.
    LOOK at the rating of YOUR poem.
    It is for YOU and for all the good men and women of that magical
    CRAZY Kountry. Here: smell this, uh, pretty flower.
    Be sure an' take care, that it don't, unexpectedly, squirt used beer warter on ya';
    SQUINT, AJ, SQUINT!:whistling::whistling::whistling:
    Y'all be sure and read all of the reaction-commentaries?

    Have a good one, or six, or twelve..whatever!

    ROOT for AUSTRALIA, that's what I do! I do love all Aussies so much,
    my bladder soaks my adult-sized pampers. Prostate, prostrate. :eek:

    I love jesters. We are all so very rare and perishable...
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  12. Reid

    Reid Member

    Between your lines, in BLUE font, Kim:

    Fond regards to my favorite Jester of the entire incontenance of Australia!
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  13. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    Well you have been Aussietised a lil bit more now Reid LoL...

    So whats the go on your electric bike is it ready for the underwater ride?

  14. Reid

    Reid Member

  15. Reid

    Reid Member

    Benign neglect, AJ. I probably answered your question at some other posting area. In direct answer, for here, the e-bike languishes whilst I play with and learn all about the Shimano Coasting system.

    The submarine ebike WILL be finished ((i crashed it some months ago))
    and it WILL be put to Yoo-hoo-hoo-Tube for public demonstration, when time and health permit.

    Yesterday was a rare, good day for the two of us here. Again:
    And, so, for now, Life is very sweet indeed.

    Fond best to ALL, like KiM;
    dedicated to all of the wonderful people
    who dare to live life alive.

    ((please to play its "video response"? familiar? cat? cat as a familiar? family? extending across four living mere-human generations, it lives!))

    "It just down-shifted!"

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  16. Reid

    Reid Member

    You bet your life, I'll be a good "boy" here

    WHY I migrated.

    WHY, they even attack, in that thread,
    for his photoshop comic artwork seen above, too,,,,
    they castigate your/our KiM/AussieJester,
    who is, by no fault of his own, is disabled, cannot walk, crushed spine.

    HE is my odd-Aussie mate!
    He left E.S. for the same reason I have left that fine forum.
    And absolutely non-offensive, not-controversial, world-record-daring e-biker, Paul Knox,
    he quit E.S. some time ago, I know not why, and erased all of his former content there.
    I must find him on the 'net again. He too, is a uniquely talented personality, as is KiM, and
    oh, so many, many who once were active there at E.S.

    But, here, I am a guest, only. I will rock no boats...
    ...I will only kid Kim:
    teach him to walk on his hands like the jolly genius-freak that he is. :detective:


    The two-of-a-kind, BLUE (Justin made it just for me) Drain Brain,
    is finally in the mail, on its way to you, Kim.

    I hope that it serves you as well as it served me.

    Kind regards to all, both there and here,

    I am, sorry, truly,

    Drained Brain Reid
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  17. Reid

    Reid Member

    When I was very (relatively) young:

    This is "Introductions". The posting I will try to transplant here,
    is of video that I, myself, had not seen since it was made many years ago.

    Only a week ago, did Peter Pringle install these videos of my former self,
    to youtube.

    Shall try to copy and paste the already existing thread from another forum;
    but if the embed players don't work, I shall have to figure out how to put the
    video trio right here...and failing that, I shall simply install a link to the other forum.
    That latter is not my aim. I do not want to "take" reader/viewers from this forum.
    I have failed again. I cannot put the videos here, direct, as I hoped to do.
    So, if Tom will so-permit, here is a link to a very particular page:
    Look if you like, and then come right back here to THIS forum.

    I do not "steal" anyone from any forum.

    Tom, Lou, forgive me if this link to another site is a no-no?
    If it is an infraction, please just erase this posting?
    It is not important, except that it gives people here an insight
    to learn who and what I once was: an expert in an allied field,
    and an honest man, then, as now.


    Later I would move on to other interests,
    and life would deal me some rough turf-landings,
    as life tends to do to us all.