Reinforcing frame?



Goodmorning guys. Pulling apart the Whizzer today for painting and to dress up my welds and was thinking about reinforcing the back bone by spanning some fitted flat stock and welding. Any comments, or is this even importent? Thanks, Cory...


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HI Corey,

Good question about frame reinforcing....As a kid I was really into BMX bikes and it always seemed that the better models always had re-enforcing gussets of plate metal welded to them...I can't honestly say I've followed up too much on recent BMX bikes lately but MOst mountain bikes I've seen (even high end ones) don't tend to have them....Of course one could argue that many high end mountain bikes and down hill bikes now have over sized tubes (where as in the old days everything was small tube) and high tech suspensions to help absorb shock....My take is....if your frame is small tube without shocks and engine powered it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a little extra beef (assuming welds are done properly so as not to potentially weaken the parent material and potentially cause new/additional problems)....Better safe than sorry I suppose.
I always gusset for motored application- I learned the hard way, a LONG way from home, what the stresses of engines can do to bike frames... I would highly recommend it if you plan to put a lot of miles on the bike. Just my pennies worth.
Frame gussets

Hey thanks Uncle. Ya it could be a bad thing! Have some flat stock picked out for the job, better safe than sorry. Thank you, Cory.
reinforcing frame

Hey Filipino, thats my wife. No, just part of a wish list that cant happen now. Thanks Bill I will! Oh by the way, guna make a phone call or two for the comp cable. Will call you if no one has it on the shelf.
Just, you know, as an example...


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reinforcing frame

Holey craaaap Uncle! Ya, you look down and out. Had some down time in the park today so made up the gusetts. But after looking at your depresing pics I think I might grind out one more. Thanks for the heads up sir. Cory.:eek:
Like I said- lesson learned and now I (almost) always gusset for motorizing. I usually just do a 1/8" thk. piece centered. tack/spot welded with my little flux core wire feed, then finished with full braze. But that's just me... :) BTW- What part of WA do y'all hail from?