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    I have read a lot of threads about making these things go faster etc...
    I think of these things too, but I have to remind myself that a motorised bicycle is a unique beast. Cool and special in it's unusual appearance and function. Anything we do to make it faster or last longer or pull more is simply an attempt to reinvent the motorcycle. It's been done! Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, Harley Davidson. They do it better than us.

    I understand some men just have to tinker and modify to see what they can accomplish. It's genetic. That's cool too.

    I revel in the unbelieving looks I get from people when I whiz by. I've got something people consider cool and almost no one else has. And I can trick it out with lots of inexpensive lights and blinkies, horns, bells, and whizbangers....

    That rocks!!!

    But it's still a bicycle.

    A unique bicycle.

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    I don't know that you would get an argument here.

    One difference, however, is that many of us, myself included, want to build it ourselves, not just buy someone else's work. To get an equivalent experience in the motorcycle world would cost about 20 times as much.

    Of course, there are those who do not have the legal option of a motorcycle....but I'll leave that alone.
  3. I'm hoping that when this becomes popular Harley will bring back the 1903.
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    Well said!!
  5. I totally agree well said!!!!!!!
  6. True, I'm interested in motorizing my Re-bike, but then I look over at my Kawasaki Super Sherpa, and it has everything; lights, electric start, suspension with 9" of travel, 2 gallon tank, 250cc 4-stroke engine with 40hp, big comfy seat, digital gauges, knobby tires, 80mph top speed, 60-80mpg. Who could ask for anything more? Still, it would be cool not to pay insurance and get better mileage, and be able to ride on bike paths.
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    but it would be a crazy-cool homemade motorcycle that didn't cost much!
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    There you go!