Reminiscence (my first MB)

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    I noticed that there are several senior members on this forum, maybe you all have similar stories....I was 7 years old (56 years ogo). My grandfather gave me a 28" Western Flyer bike for Christmas. It was huge. The saddle was even with my shoulders, but I learned to ride it (cracked my jewels on the bar seveal times in the process)! I road it everywhere. 8 years later I found an old McCullah lawmower, 1946 vintage, 2 stoke 100cc(?) all needle bearing engine with this huge flange on the side that attached to the mower deck. My uncle who was a machinist turned the flange off and the fins on the flywheel. He then mounted the motor on my 28"flyer. He used a 3" pully on the flywheel, then a V-belt to a Chevy water pump pully on a shaft that ran through where the pedal crank shaft had been. On the other side of the shaft a small sprocket with the same tooth size as stock bicycle chain and a pedal crank sprocket on the rear hub. Direct drive sans clutch. He added an old springer front fork assembly from a Schwinn. I found a Whizzer tank and twist throttle (that twisted the wrong way). No brakes in the back and an english clamp brake on the front wheel only(worked really well). Clinton carb...ape hanger handle bars. To start that monster you had to push it along,(rear wheel skidding)hop on twist the throttle open and hang on for dear life!! 0-50mph was probably less than 6 seconds. Seveal guys, that I let ride it, came back shaking with small pee spots on the pants!! Never had so much fun for so long in my life....maybe with the new MB I'm building???? hope I didn't bore anyone. Steve

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    I do remember my first Whizzer back in 1963.Traded an old Harley, got 2 complete Whizzers and one in a box plus a handful of cash.Rebuilt and painted one of the bikes,had a ball that summer.The word got around,I took an old KnuckleHead Harley even trade,for the one running,kept the other 2 for years.Recently picked up a 1999 WC-1 for another go round.What great memories
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    cool stories!! :cool2: