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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by lotsa_mpg, May 28, 2007.

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  1. lotsa_mpg

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    Some of you had expressed an interest in the remote choke control I rigged up on my cruiser, which was discussed in an earlier post in the picture gallery section. I was building a couple more brackets the other day for two bikes I am currently working on and decided to build an extra bracket and put it on ebay. I did put it on ebay yesterday....I don't have the item number handy, but if you want to look for it, just search using the words, "motorized bicycle choke". Most of you no doubt, are quite capable of building the bracket yourself. I just thought I'd try ebaying one in case some of you want one and do not have the time or proper tools to build one. I put a starting price of seventeen bucks on it. Perhaps this might seem high for whats there (only the bracket, return spring and cable clamp), but it takes me almost an hour to make the bracket as I am producing them the old fashioned at a time by opposed to stamping them out on some sort of assembly line. If it sells, I might in the future make up complete remote choke control kits including the lever & cable and make them available. Or if you just want to take a close look at the bracket and reproduce one yourself, go right ahead. I'll even give you the measurements if you want.


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    260123015324 ;)
  3. azbill

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    does that Bricklin in the picture on your ebay store page belong to you :shock:
    I drove one once and they are pretty cool cars 8)
  4. lotsa_mpg

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    Yes,'s mine. It's a fun ride. I have another one as well which I am slowly restoring.