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    I don,t like reaching down to adjust the choke on my engine while peddling away and trying to get it started. Are there any ideas or links or pictures that show other setups with the choke mounted on handlebar or up near the gastank?I tried a search but nothing came up.


  2. why not just take a set up off a old snow blower or leaf blower.
    Better yet just take off a thumb gear shifter from a older bike.
    Bring the cable down the center.Drill a small hole in the choke lever on the carb you have now.
    Take a swivel pilot bolt and attach to the Cable.
    But then again I'm old school.Less you have on your bike the less things can go wrong Simplicity to me is key.


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    sometimes reaching down -- choke lever can be somewhat hard to find

    ever though of a slight extension added to lever ?

    with just a couple of drops of epoxy -- add a little length to choke lever

    small stick or rod ------- you may like that

    as we ride that thing Mountainman
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    Thanks Slay, thats what I was looking for,,it did,nt come up when I did a search!