Remove Bearing from Trike Rear Housing Help Please

Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by Walbird, May 7, 2012.

  1. Walbird

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    Before I start banging on these bearings with tools meant for things other than banging on bearings, could someone please take a look...?

    I hope this doesn't take buying another tool, but I need to replace a bunch of bearings in the rear housing unit of my Torker trike. There are (4 - 2 ea wheel) identical bearings in the wheels hollow hubs that I need to replace as well. Eight (8) total bearings.

    The bearings themselves are inexpensive enough. Although I suspect replacing them with something a little heavier..on the duty side, would be desirable...but; Is there a special tool required to pull these out...and in turn put new ones back in? I certainly hope not but I don't want to mess things up by using something totally inappropriate. If I DO need another tool for this, can someone point to where I might find it, how much it might cost and if there are any alternative ideas to removing and replacing these? I just can't see buying another tool to replace a part that costs about $1.50 (ea).
    Thanks so much. Wb

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  2. Lunardog

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    A quick search brings this up. However Simply a steel rod and some finesse and you should be able to drive them out, gently working from one side of the bearing to the other back and forth and forcing it out evenly.(thinking of a clock face hit 3 then 9... 3 then 9 and alternate to 6 to 12 to 6 to 12 It needs to be done carefully and slowly as to not damage the housing but with patience it can be done. The $15 bearing puller would be much easier though.
  3. Walbird

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    Thanks Lunardog,
    The simple steel rod sounds like an excellent idea. For all I knew, those bearings were seated more securely than that and I would have ended up breaking more than just worn out bearings. I probably would have used the bearing puller a big ONE time. And it would cost more than the ($11.92) parts. In addition to that $15 bearing puller, I've been told that I would have had to spend another $30 on something called a Slide Hammer. $45 would not have been much of an investment compared to your priceless advice of using that old steel rod sitting in the corner of my garage.
    Thanks much...ya Crazy Canine!
  4. Lunardog

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    Glad I could help. Post a note on how you made out.
  5. Walbird

    Walbird New Member

    Thanks for ALL your help, you DOG!!!.

    It WORKED and I'll be rollin' SMOOOOTH...SOOOON!

  6. Lunardog

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    Glad to be of assistance, Happy motoring.
  7. PatrickW

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    Doesn't it feel good to know that: 1) You have friends right here on MBc not only ready, but willing to step up and help? And, 2) That by just thinking outside the box a little, a seemingly insurmountable problem can be solved with some simple stuff right in your garage? I feel thankful for friends like Lunardog, you, and the rest of our members.
    Keep us posted on the installation. You might consider a chunk of stout 2X4 and the same 'round the clock tapping action. Good Luck.

  8. Walbird

    Walbird New Member

    WILL DO! Thanks..