Remove Clutch for "Teardrop" Hoot Transmission

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by pwr2wh8, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. pwr2wh8

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    I'm trying to remove my current clutch, but even with the bolt removed, it's still very snug. Before trying to pry or do something stupid, are there any other steps other than removing the bolt on the shaft?

    here's the clutch and gearbox that i currently have
    4strokeclutchflyweight2.jpg 4stroketransmission.jpg
    I'm fully aware gearbox is not the best, but it's still working so I'm going to use till it dies.

  2. zippinaround

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    try tapping each of the nut heads that the springs are attached to after spraying the center bolt area with wd-40 after a few taps it should slip out i just removed the clutch from an engine i had sitting in a shed for the last 8yrs and was slightly rusty! you can pry it if you are fitting a new clutch but if you plan on reusing it i wouldn't pry it.
    good luck
  3. pwr2wh8

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    i'll give that a try...thanks for the tip.

    btw, since the clutch is still snug, i would assume my motor has the 5/8" tapered shaft. if so, a bit off topic, but do you know if the 4g belt gearbox or q-matic would bolt into place? i think i read the ezm has an adapter for the tapered shaft, not sure about the other.
  4. pwr2wh8

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    so my attempts to remove the clutch have failed. i've tried soaking shaft with wd-40 with no luck. i have tried to remove the arms/pads to get obtain a better footing for pry the remainder of the clutch off.


    should attempt to apply some heat to help expand? try a pulley puller?
  5. zwebx

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    heat would probably do it but if you mess up and heat the crank too much you wil ldamage the seals