Removeable 49cc motor?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by jcmusix, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. jcmusix

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    I plan on getting a zb 49cc motor and mounting it to a cruiser stlye 26" bike in a way that I can quickly take it off or put it back on.
    Has anyone else ever set one up like that?
    Reason, some places I would go dont allow motorbikes or ferrys I would take charge $45 for a motorbike but only $7 for a regular bike.
    I think I can set it up so that I can take the motor off in ten minutes or so and put it back on as quickly. I'll make a special backpack that I can shove the motor in with padding to absorb any leaked gas or oil. Quick handscrews on the gas tank mount brackets should make it fast and easy to take it off too.

    John C.

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    Well let's see...

    Fuel Tank
    Electrical..not a big problem
    Engine mounts

    If you could do all that in 10 minutes I'd sure like to see it. Not saying it can't be done bu........t:jester:
  3. reb1

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    I am going to use a Staton friction drive and make a locking cover for it. I also plan on sticking some d cell batteries down the seat tube as part of an electrical circuit that incorporates the coil from an electrical stove in it. !Hello Sparky
  4. SimpleSimon

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    Well, I don't know about tearing down a bike quickly, but I'd wager it can be done. Watch these guys with a jeep.
  5. spad4me

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    I am trying that concept with a scooterguy type setup using a light 2 stroke gp460 with a small metal gastank.
    With an auto clutch and small gastank the only connection that does not unscrew easily is the throttle cable.

    I am going to store the hot engine in of these. rather than a backpack.

    Where I live some places are easier to get to through cheap bus rides that do allow bicycles to ride for free.

    You can also take the non motorized bicycle inside places where a clearly motorized one is not allowed.
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  6. jcmusix

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    Thats a great idea if the motor will fit in it as well as the exaust pipe.

    When I go out for a day of boating and I trailer my 24 foot boat to the ocean, hook my pickup truck to it, connect and test everything, trailer the boat to the ocean, set it all up, launch it, break it down, bring it home, flush the motor, clean it, etc... comparing that to spending a few minutes on a day out of bicycling where I'm simply detaching a tiny bike motor or re-attaching it sounds easy...believe me! Like boating, the trick is to get a system going. With having the right tools and using the most expedient but secure fasteners I'm guessing it will be easy. I'll document my success or failure once I get my first motorbike put together. ( First motorbike but I've owned several motorcycles.)
  7. Garp

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    That's a good idea, taking the engine off and carrying it in a bag when necessary. My gearbox design allows for that, but only with a weedeater type motor.
    Four bolts, a throttle cable and a kill switch connection shouldn't take long to undo.
    A gx35 weighs less than 4kgs wet and would fit in a backpack.
    When I make mark 3 I'll incorporate Quick release.
  8. Esteban

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    Friction drive sounds like what you need.
  9. jcmusix

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    I agree that friction drive would be good, but I can get the whole works for $115 when I buy the 2 cycle slant head motor kit from ebay. If I go friction I think I need a kit $110 and then a motor $100, and I would rather go with a 4 cycle on that which would be $250 or so...maybe in the future. I dont think it would be TOO much more trouble to switch out the $115 engine 2cycle 49cc, at least not too much more than the fricition mount.

    I found these boxes on Ebay for storing the motor for only $20 shipped.

    I suppose the muffler can be bungeed to the bike to store it when not in use.