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    how do I undo the main pinion gear from crankshaft is it left or right threaded

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    and what is the tool
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    The small end bearing disintegrated. there is metal everywhere so I am opting for a full strip down and tolerance check. I will be ordering a new engine. I just don't know how to get this thing apart. Is there an online workshop manual.? Any help would be much appreciated. My plan is to actually re engineer an engine to be more reliable. Cheers guys
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    that is left-hand thread - you'll need a hand impact driver to get the bolt off & the kit's gear puller for the gear itself
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    Look like it can be used for inside and outside pulls by reversing the pull arms.
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    You will need this setup to disassemble and reassemble the bottom end of the engine, without resorting to a hammer and bashing the living bejesus out of the cases.

    The materials used are:

    Four M4 x 25 bolts with nuts & washers.
    One M12 x 50mm bolt (2mm pitch) which is drilled and tapped for an internal M8 x 1mm pitch thread, together with suitable washers and nut.
    One M8 (1mm pitch) x 20mm bolt with washers.
    5mm thick steel plate which won't bend under stress and allows sufficient thickness to tap a thread for the 2mm pitch M12 x 50mm bolt.

    The four M4 bolts screw into the magneto side of the case halve and are used to anchor the jig when the M12 bolt is screwed through the plate; attaching itself to the M8 thread on the magneto side of the crankshaft. This allows the crankshaft and ball bearing race to be either pressed out or reinstalled into the magneto side case half.

    The (1mm pitch) M8 bolt screws into the clutch side of the crankshaft and is used to either press out or reinstall the crankshaft and ball bearing race on the clutch side case half.

    The black Delrin tool is used to press out or reinstall the clutch shaft bearing race (can also be used to press out a crankshaft bearing race that's detached itself from the crankshaft; remaining fixed in the case half) - note the protruded nose and recessed section which allows the tool to centre itself inside the roller bearing, applying force only to the outside bearing shell.

    Case Splitting Jig_8.jpg Case Splitting Jig_1.jpg Case Splitting Jig_2.jpg Case Splitting Jig_3.jpg Case Splitting Jig_4.jpg Case Splitting Jig_5.jpg Case Splitting Jig_6.jpg Case Splitting Jig_7.jpg
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    I've split the cases and replaced the bearings many times without any special tools.
    Heating the case up lets you remove the bearing much easier.
    And I removed the screw holding on the primary gear with just two screwdrivers, one to unscrew and one jammed between the gears. Hey I know that is very country but these engines are nothing precise and they are cheap to replace.
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    What is that black Delrin tool?