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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Nikko9, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Nikko9

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    Hello.Im new to the forum.I recently bought a used Schwinn Stingray chopper and was converting it into a bike similiar to my Kikker 5150.
    I was going to purchase one of the 80cc bike motors off Ebay.If I remove the pedals is there a way to push start the engines.I don't know anything about these engines.Also,do the engines die down when you come to a stop.Ive seen people on youtube spinning their back tire to start the motor.Thanks

  2. keatonx

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    Yes, you can start the bike without pedals, just kick it like a scooter than dump the clutch. And you can come to a stop with the motor running if you pull in the clutch. It's the same as driving a manual car.
  3. crassius

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    if you are stopped with the motor running, you'll find that the clutch isn't strong enough to get you going again without pushing it a bit
  4. Nikko9

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    Thanks guys
  5. butterbean

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    I get the fact that you want your Stingray to look like your Kikker (looked them up on google, nice bikes btw). And I appreciate where your coming from on a design/look/feel standpoint. Here is the thing. Your Stingray aint going to be comparable to a motorcycle with an 80cc china two stroke bicycle engine in it. If you want your Stingray to drive like a factory bike, you'll need an engine with more power. There are several options for more powerful engines. There are 49cc Morini engines (motocross, small displacement, high horsepower), 79cc Predator engines (lawn mower/generator engines, available at Harbor Freight), 98cc minibike engines (Lifan brand, Honda clones, side valved, what I'm currently using) and even 125cc pitbike engines (4 speed engines, probably the best you can get for a bicycle, jmo though). If you remove those pedals, you will probably not make it up any steep hills without pushing the bike, at least with the kit engines. You want to build something that looks and drives like a motorcycle, get a more powerful engine, or leave the pedals on, you'll need them. Especially if you're out on the road and the engine breaks down for whatever reason or you run out of gas.
  6. HeadSmess

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    morini motors are no longer in production.

    when will people stop advising them?

    its denardis now. denardis.

    if a 48cc HT can get me moving from a standstill, on a 26" with 36T, then the "80" (66) should be able to unless they really are POS! in which case, i stand my ground and say 48's are better.

    stingray only has a 20" on the rear. almost pop wheelies with a 36t sprocket.

    take off is related to gearing.

    i believe a HT is twice as powerful as Karl Benz's first car. probably just nowhere near the torque :jester:

    i still agree though. a HT engine kit is not the ideal motor for removing the pedals completely