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  1. gothicguy64

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    whats the best way to remove shop stickers off a frame leaving only the paint ?


  2. poo poo pipe

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    sometimes a litttle heat(hairdryer) will soften the glue enuf to pullem off then try some mineral sprits to clean off any sticky spots remaining.
  3. Porkchop

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    A little heat from heat gun or hair dryer, fingernail polish remover (same thing as acetone), & WD-40 is what I have good results with. Saturate the stickers with what ever you use. You have the get the solvent between the sticker and the paint to loosen the adhesive. I usually don't use a putty knife of scrapper, but if you do, use a plastic one rather than metal. Metal will scratch big time. I usually saturate the stickers and wipe with paper towels. Might take a while, but no scratches or paint damage. Of course after removing stickers with solvents, rinse the painted surface very, very well. I've also used gasoline, kerosene and bug & tar remover. As long as you have a hard paint finish it should be O.K. The main trick is to saturate and get to the solvent to penetrate the adhesive behind the sticker.
    Good luck. Hope this helps !
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  4. RedBaronX

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    at work, we use plastic pan scrapers to peel off stickers, sometimes with a little assistance from a product called Goo Gone
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    I forgot about Goo Gone. I have several bottles of that too ! Works well.