Repainted my bike

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    The Yellow/Black paint job on my mountain bike was fine, but looked a little silly when I attached a motor to it (

    Had some good weather finally so I took it outside and stripped it. repaint/01Stripped.jpg

    Used simple green to clean up the frame, then wet sanded it and used simple green again and rinsed. repaint/02Cleanedandsanded.jpg

    Several coats of Black automotive spray can paint (rustoleum) and a few coats of clearcoat. repaint/03Paintandclearcoat.jpg

    While waiting for the frame to dry (I waited a week after final coat) I bought some more exhaust clamps and bolts so I could used the stamped steel part rather than the U bolt which would let me grind them to fit my frame and have the bolts on the other side making it easier to tighten (and then loosen).

    I also got some thin sheet steel, cut out pieces and epoxied them on the clamps. Last time I just tried to insert them during installation and it was a bit of a pain. repaint/04NewMotormouns.jpg repaint/05Newmotormounts2.jpg

    Started putting it back together this afternoon. repaint/06wheelson.jpg

    Much less of a pain installing it the second time round. repaint/07Assembled.jpg

    Went for a short ride (and took some better photo's) and everything is working great. repaint/08TestRide1.jpg repaint/09TestRide2.jpg

    Close up of the slightly altered mounting. repaint/10Uppermount.jpg repaint/11Lowermounts.jpg

    Before I would be turning the bolts half a turn at a time and they were kinda hard to reach, now I just put spanner to stop bolt and then the nut is freely accessible on the other side so I can use a ratcheting wrench.

    Simple Exhaust mount - Folded a piece of metal from original kit, then just slid it up the frame until its snug and attached hose clamps. Repainted the exhaust in some "ceramic" paint that is supposed to be able to withstand 2000c too. repaint/12Exhaustmount.jpg

    Regular clutch roller I made from posts here. repaint/13Rollerclutch.jpg

    I bought a Motoped frame shortly after putting this together last year, which is amazing to ride. I didn't think I'd want to ride the specialized much after finishing building the Motoped, but it's certainly got its place and is still nice to ride.
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    It looks far better murdered out. Nice job.
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    Thanks. I had to look up "murdered out" :grin5:
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    Wow sweet looking ride you got there.