repainted the gas tank for my o.c.c. chopper

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    The tank used to be metallic black,but i stripped it down and re-painted it.
    here's how it looked before.

    the bike is esentially black & silver, and i wanted something on the tank to make it stand out more.
    so, after i stripped it, fixed some of the bondo that got scratches in it from sanding it down, and primed it, I sprayed it with "diamond dust" metallic silver laquer.
    over that i sprayed one coat of clear laquer, and then one coat of clear laquer with pearl dust in it. over that, i sprayed another coat of clear, and then another coat of clear with more pearl dust in it. putting the pearl in layers adds depth to the paint.
    I still have to spray 2 more coats of regular clear over it, wetsand it and buff it out.
    the hard part is waiting for the clear to fully dry between coats. I've been painting this tank for almost a month now, letting it sit for a few days between each layer of paint and clear.
    after it's all done, i'm sending it to my friend Jay for some killer pinstriping.
    it changes color in different lighting due to the pearl dust that's embedded in the layers of clear.
    so here's how it looks as of right now, but i still have a ways to go until it's all done.
    In case you didn't notice, the tank is hanging in my bedroom closet so that it can dry where there's no humidity (thanks to the a/c)


    this last picture reminds me of a bowling ball.
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    me like .

    i got a single action airbrush for 10 bux oz only need a aircan an 2cc bowl then ill steal (copy )a design an air it on my tank .

    ohhh its a 3 ltr tank
    motor is a rse hp1.5 48cc
    sbp shift2 ,exp pipe , lo pro air
    goes like !@#$ drags cars to 50kph
    pity i have a clone dellorto tho