repainting the gas tank for my occ chopper

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  1. motorpsycho

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    this is the third paint job for this gas tank in the past 2 years.
    the first time i painted it metallic black and left it that way for a few months.
    then, i wanted something different, so I painted it a high metallic silver.
    That looked ok, but it was kind of plain.
    so, a few weeks ago, i stripped it all back down to bare metal and started over.
    the base color is good old gloss black.
    then, I taped out some tear drop shaped panels on the sides, and one on the top.
    I sprayed them with silver & did a marbelizing technique to the silver.
    here's how it looks with the silver after it's been marbelized. I know, it looks like a mess at this point but that's the whole idea.

    once the silver was fully dry, I sprayed candy apple red over the silver. the red is transparent and it needs a metallic base color (the silver) to make it shine.
    here's what it looked like after the red was sprayed on. (the black has been wet sanded in this picture.

    after the red was almost dry, i removed all of the tape (i used fine line vinyl tape to lay out the tear drops).
    after letting it dry for a day, i wet sanded the whole thing with 600 grit paper and sprayed on the first coat of clear.
    here it is after the first clear coat.

    after the first coat of clear was dry, i laid on a heavier coat of clear and here's how it looks as of right now.

    once this coat of clear is fully dry, i'll do 1-2 more heavy coats of clear, and then i'll outline the red with ivory pinstriping.
    The more i look at it, the more it reminds me of a black widow spider. Maybe i should have done hour glass shapes rather than tear drops?

  2. timtooth

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    nice, i like it.
  3. Max-M

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    VERY nice work! I love to see this kind of attention to detail in our hobby.
  4. Scootmeister

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    You sure have a knack, Psycho. Looks great. What kind of clear coat do you use?
  5. motorpsycho

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    well, the clear is urethane so it should be resistant to gas. I sprayed it through a touch up gun (smaller than a spray gun, bigger than an air brush).
    the "theme" behind this bike now is a black widow spider. Had i thought of this earlier, i would have done hourglass designs on the tank in red, rather than teardrops.
    anyway, if you've ever seen the movie "Every Which Way But Loose" with Clint Eastwood, you'll remember the black widow motorcycle gang (The black widda's).
    they were a motorcycle gang but they were goofs and a wanna be gang.
    so that's kind of the theme here...a wanna be motorcycle i guess, named after the black widows from the movie.
    Hey, it's all i could come up
    so i added a mascot to my gas cap to hide the vent hole. this is a gas cap that i made and prior to this, it had a skull & crossbones covering the vent hole.
    if you saw my occ chopper before, I had a 10 speed seat on it. it looked cool but you couldn't ride the bike more than 5 minutes because the seat was hard as a rock.
    so today i chopped up a sissy bar to fit, and i used a bannana seat (that was purple swirl velour). I recovered the seat with blood red vinyl.
    here's what the seat looked like before i recovered it.

    here's what it lookis like now.

    it's not perfect by any means, but it looks better than purple, and the deep red vinyl will go with the red on the gas tank.
    I might pick uip some bright red vinyl and re-do it later tho. The deep red vinyl is something that i had laying around, so i used it.
    it's much more comfortable than the old 10 speed seat and i can sit back further over the fender now.
    I still have to put the gas tank on and get some new fuel lines and filters.