Replaced Woodruff key help


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2:40 PM
Mar 7, 2022
Okay so I tried everything so far I had a broken Woodruff key on my beavle gear I replaced it. Now when I put my bike back together the small and big gear won't turn I tighten the flower not tried it still nothing I did the flower nut till I couldn't even move the back tire at all.. what could cause the problem I flipped my bad around thinking it's the clutch pads still the same I need help and videos don't help.

Hello everyone I recently replaced the Woodruff key on the small bevel gear anyways long story short both of my clutch plate and bevel gear won't spin I noticed last night where I put the flower nut on that screw one part is sticking out and get stuck what should I do to fix that problem please help me can't get my bike to start because of it.

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