Chains Replacement drive chain 410 or #41?

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    I bought a used 66cc motor bycicle and it had a thicker chain for the motor than what was used to pedal the bike. The chain broke and bent so I looked up the Motor, it's a Grubee Skyhawk GT-5 and the manufacture says it comes with a standard 410 chain. So I bought one and the chain is actually skinnier than the one my bike came with. I've been doing alog of searching and am finding that the #41 chain is pretty popular. Would this smaller 410 chain work if what I actually needed was a #41? Or how do I determine exactly what chain my motor needs?

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    chain size

    have a problem with chain size also I used the chain from another build on a grubee engine was a bigger chain than 410 ordered 415 chain and does not fit it is heavy duty chain thought I would try 410 chain but it did not fit either so I ordered #41 chain as problem is engine drive sprocket chains wont seat and with 415 chain there is clearance problem it is new engine a silver slant that 415 chain comes with kit but it looks smaller than 415 heavy duty I have a lot of different chains and will get one to work hen I get #41 chain I will see if it fits but I read somwere that you can use 415 chain on grubee you just have to do a little grinding on inside of clutch cover to allow clearance

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    yep,you got it.
    I had that same issue with the stock/415 chain.It was rubbing inside clutch cover and also binding up allot.I attempted to grind/dremmel the cover.failed attempt,still..
    I found a #41 roller chain at the local TRACTOR SUPPLY store.
    I was pleased about the cost..It was about 20$for a 10' section.
    No more chain issue.yippee.I still have leftovers for next build..
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    You can get 415 chain in an o-ring specification. That's the hot ticket item !!!
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    Hello Outlaw:

    The stock 410 chain is trash. Your 66cc will snap it effortlessly within days, if not hours. A 410 chain is a bicycle chain that's slightly beefed up. The #41 chain works great, your not ever going to snap it. The big problem with a #41 chain is the width. They are fat can rub on wide rear tires and barley fit in the stock chain tensioner pulley.

    The best chain is a 415, not a 415H. The regular 415 chains fit and work perfect! You can retrofit a 415H chain to work but it does require modifying your drive sprocket. The modification is simple, grind or file down all of the sprocket gear tips to a point. It's not hard work but wastes allot of precious time.

    Good Luck & Happy Ridding.
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    #41 on the left, stock bike chain on the right
    #41 on the left, stock bike chain on the right
    #41 on the top, stock bike chain on the bottom