Wheels replacement hd ss rims and spokes

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by motman812, Jan 5, 2013.

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    Hi, I have a 1981 Schwinn Crusier 5 with a Stanton FD and want to replace the 26x2.125 heavy duty rims and spokes but keep the original hubs (HD front and ATOM drum brake rear). Can I buy the parts on-line and have them laced together locally? Any referrals or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks. :bowdown:

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    Hi motman, sure there is a ton of places you can buy components online and a quick google search will yield their locations. For example, I use these guys for most of my web purchases:

    That said however, I buy online when I am going to do the work myself. I surmise from your query you're looking to have the wheels built for you and frankly given that, I would recommend you purchase the rims and spokes from the guy or shop you decide on to build the wheels. I'd guess there to be numerous reputable shops in your area (socal) so you could shop around and compare prices. The advantage of letting them supply the components is they'll be able to get it right from the get go, IE: spoke length, nipples, etc. and should warranty their work. I'd tell them what you ideally want as to specs and such then ask for a range of prices that best accomplishes that and suits your budget.

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    Thanks for the insights Richard H. I think you're right about having a local shop obtain the parts, assemble what I want and be responsible for the end product. Shopping on the internet will make me a more informed consumer. Also, I've been a very happy customer of Niagracycle myself for several years. Thanks again.
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    Check out Norm at www.venicemotorbikes.com he is rigbt by you and is an exceptional guy. Tell him I sent you his way.