Replacing a threaded post front fork with a threadless fork.

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  1. My trusty old green e-bike developed a very dangerous wobble that wanted to throw me to the pavement on a long ride. I thought I had a rear wheel way out of true due to broken spokes, since that has happened to me on one of my gas motored bikes in the past. As soon as I got home, slowly and carefully, I discovered the front suspension fork had some wear/slop that was causing the front end to wobble. The bike is a really cheap 4 year old Wallyworld Kent Avalon with 4+thousand miles on it and I couldn't find a repair kit or parts to rebuild the fork anywhere. I did happen to have a new, slightly better quality suspension fork on hand from another bike, but the original had a threaded steering post and the new one was threadless. After I measured things, I realized the new fork could be made to fit. The old bearings were ruined with one twisted ball cage on the lower and bad wear on both and I would also need several post spacers, new bearing races, a new threadless head, and shims to fit my skinny handlebars to the new MTB head. I went to my favorite bike shop and explained what I was trying to do. They didn't think it would be possible, but sold me what I needed anyway. It went together like they were made for each other. Now greenbike is back on the road and the only difference is the way it looks and the slightly stiffer springs in the fork.
    wOOt! It is possible if the two posts are the same diameter, or very very close. I don't think it would be quite as easy to convert a threadless to a threaded post, but it might be possible. The parts I needed to do the conversion weren't cheap, by any means, but I needed new steering head bearings, regardless, and it was still cheaper than a new fork.

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    Sounds like a great way to upgrade . I wish you shot some photos, both of the parts needed, and their final assembly .

    In the interest of safety, this upgrade sounds like a good way to stay ' up ' To convert threadless to cones, bearing
    retainers would have to be fitted to steering head, but * why * downgrade ?