Clutch Replacing clutch side seals

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    Got told to re-post here, so here goes. .

    Got a blown oil seal or somethin on the clutch side, need to replace the seal and need to know how to use the screw-tool thing to get the clutch off, I can't for the life of me work it out myself.

    Pics would be :bowdown: worthy

    oh yea 66cc two stroke chinese engine (YX factory) is the one I have

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    The screw tool is poorly made, can cross-thread easily.

    Take the screw-tool apart and screw in the section that fits, carfully catching the threads, as if you are trying to crack a bank safe combination lock!

    Once you have the first part of the tool in, screw in the second part. The second part prys out the gear or whatever you are taking off.
    You'll then see how it works.
    Once part of the tool is fixed, the other part forces the gear off.

    Add some oil on the threads of the tool before you use it.
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