replacing recoil starter of honda GX 35 cc

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by nobleverma, Apr 7, 2010.

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    how can i replace a recoil starter of my honda GX 35cc engine with an electric starter.. plz tel me the procedure.. :sweatdrop:

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  3. Old Bob

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    They are so easy to start why does any one need electric start?
  4. hurricane

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    because some people feel the need to push a button versus rolling pedal starts i guess. :)

    @ Noble its incredibly simple to do, take a glance at a auto start lawnmower or a snowblower. You will understand what ya need and why it is not a good idea for a HT engine.
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    Nuff Said
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    cus its fully sik and makes it go hard and then youll pick up chicks!

    battery? powersupply to charge? type of motor to use? engage/release mech? solenoid? more to it than just wiring up a button...

    if anything, maybe steal that stihl "easypull" set up...

    *looks at useless starter on pitbike n shakes head*
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    I use the Honda motor for assist on hills. I have a heart condition AF and do not have the extra energy for the hills. So I start the motor and let it help me. Problem is I have to come to a complete stop to pull the starter cord. I can engage the motor while moving but not start it. I ride a recumbent with Team ROMEO Retired old men eating out. See how I built the bike at
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    he was not referring to an ht engine at all. did you read the OP?
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    oh. heart conditions...i seeeeeee.

    um, now me thinks of it... theres those small chinese "buggies" with 50cc four strokes. with an electric start. basically a huasheng engine... but! its in line with the crank and adds an extra 8 inches or so...

    a good machinist could fit one easy as, but the price to do so? ouch! id be charging roughly 200 for just the main gear...($2 a tooth, plus labor, plus materials... gotta pay for a 5 grand machine somehow... :p ) this hasnt even gotten near actual mounts or brackets or any of the other parts needed... and if i had to harden parts?(which i would) with the associated finish grinding? better to buy a car... its not nice when you cant just get things off a shelf. thats why prototyping costs so much. :(

    once again, i suggest looking at STIHL's "ezistart".

    you basically pull the cord, but it only winds a spring, then at a certain point, the spring releases, engine starts :) so you ARENT FIGHTING COMPRESSION!

    a decompression lever/knob? fancy lil gizmo that either holds the exhaust valve partially open, or, like zip starters on old victa lawnmowers... it has a valve into the combustion chamber... also seen one on a makita chainsaw that has a lil button you press on the side of the cylinder. possibly the easiest. but you gotta mod the engine itself a tad.

    unless, of course, the reason you cant pull it whilst moving is cus its in an 'orrible position... so...longer cord, with a few pulleys etc to route the handle to a better location? like most lawnmowers seem to do these days...
  10. hurricane

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    I guess not closely enough, but regardless i will put it in better terms.

    Purchase an electric start engine, then mount that instead of trying to rework an existing motor for one. It will be less expensive and less head scratching trying to figure it out.

    here is a good explanation on adding electric starters

    good luck