Republicans for Obama...Why I'm not voting for Obama!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Skyliner70cc, Sep 27, 2008.

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    Obama sure had a lot to say there didn't he ????????????????????????????

    his aids should be sure that he always gets sleep within 38 hours !!!!!!!!!!

    WOW --- wonder if - when it's late - at night - if he knows

    how to find and Ride That Thing ???????????????????????????????????????
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  3. Oh C'mon. He's human.

    The issues,dawgs.

    The issues.
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    He's human just like you and me... and this guy.
  5. McCain might have had a chance, until he picked his running mate. I listened to an interview by her, and her ideas of "foreign policy" and how her state is the first defense against foriegn countries like Russia and Canada..LMAO.....Can you imagine something happening to the president and her taking over?
    Cant wait to see a head to head debate.......
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    as we know most incoming traffic (missles)
    would be coming our way -- over Alaska
    I would think that Palin has at least a clue -- come on now !!

    even though she has repeated herself - a little to much I think
    I would be willing to put my money on Palin in the upcomming debate
    my thinking is -- she's truly what the Country wants and needs
    standing for some ---- TRUE CHANGE ...

    misteright -- if you are willing
    maybe a little side bet here -- through pm ?
    that would make the debate more exciting.

    are we up so as to --
    ride that thing ----------------------------------- Mountainman
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  8. Not if the missles were launched at us by Canada... LOL

    No seriously, I dont think McCain has done her any favors by keeping her out of the public spotlight during this election. I dont believe she is a very good speaker, and believe she is going to do poorly in the debate. BUT this is just MY opinion. I am not a betting man and will pass on the wager, and hope that the Palin/Biden debate is more exciting than the persidential debate, the moderator seemed to try eveything he could to get Obama and McCain to go at each other and was unable. As for "true change" I think washington already has enough people there that are either outrite lying or dont know whats happening, this would be in respect to statements about selling the jet on Ebay for a profit, when in fact it didnt sell on ebay and actually lost money, or the statement of getting rid of her personal chef and saving the state of Alaska tax dollars. May the best man or woman win.
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    I agree with that misteright
    the debate the other night between Mc Cain and Obama
    was truly boring -- at least for me
    I had looked forward to that moment in time
    and then when it came -- I got very sleepy within the first 15 min
    was not impressed with my -- man of choice either...

    this upcoming debate between Palin and and Biden
    may be what makes or breaks it for all involved
    I don't usually wager either
    but -- I thought that THIS MAY BE A FINE TIME !!!

    ride that thing Mountainman
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    I love how this "why not to vote for Obama" thread has turned into a "bash Palin" thread.

    I'm not voting for Obama because he is a socialist. When he speaks of "shared responsibility" and "investing" in this or that, it is right out of the socialist handbook. He is pitting the employers against the employees, a socialist tactic. Class warfare, plain and simple. I don't care about his lack of experience, it is the leftist leanings that concern me. Heck, I would rather see PALIN as president over Obama if we wanted a president with little experience.
  11. Opppsss, my bad.......
  12. Mountainman

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    ok some may think we are crazy -- BUT I AGREE

    I would rather have Palin before Obama as president -- ANYDAY !!!

    I think that it is amazing that our country is this close

    to actually electing one such as Obama --

    I am shocked and for those of us that believe in God

    we need to be in deep prayer at this time....

    Speaking of deep prayer --

    has anyone else seen the video of Palin speaking in her Church ??

    I was very impressed with this God fearing - loving Lady......

    ride that thing Mountainman
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    If this had been McCain, Palin, or Bush, it would have been on every evening news channel, CNN, MSNBC, etc.etc.. late night talk show. It would have been played over and over.

    Lack of sleep? Nope, Obama is as poor a public speaker as Bush is without a teleprompter.

    Obama came to Pueblo, Colorado to rally at a Rodeo. He USED A TELEPROMPTER AT A RODEO...that's LAME!
  14. arceeguy

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    Obama is not a very good speaker when he is off the teleprompter. He thinks too much like a cheap lawyer when he talks that he sputters like he has a nervous disorder to get any thoughts out. Uhhhhh, mmmmm, p p pu pupupp, - sounds like an HT engine with a bad carburetor. And they make fun of Bush - ha! When he is reading his "powerful" speeches off the teleprompter, he sounds like a preacher. And I don't like being preached to by a politician. He thinks he knows it all, he is arrogant, he's a leftist, his wife has a big chip on her shoulder, I can go on and on. Problem is that he has a good number of people fooled into thinking he is somehow "change". He is running against Bush, because that's about all he has against McCain is to associate him with Bush. But of course, we cannot associate "the messiah" with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko and all of his other lefty scumbag friends.
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    Really, RC? McCain's only association is with Bush?? Surely you know more about your own candidate than just Bush.

    Quite probably. I think that the VP debates in 2004 really did show that Cheney knew his stuff and Edwards was a pansy. I prolly woulda voted for Bush in 2004 if it weren't for Nader.
  16. arceeguy

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    We really don't want to get into Obama's associations now, do we?
    You voted for Nader? Why?
  17. sparky

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    Because the electoral college means my 6 or 7 seven votes automatically goes to a Republican. And Nader is a real candidate of reform. There doesn't get to be a chance of a third party until one candidate gets 5% of the national votes, where s/he then receives campaign funding & primarily let into the debates the next go round , or so I heard. I went there for a third party candidate in both 2000 & 2004 because this state is politically ignorant.

    I read that more than half the Democratic party in Mississippi is black, tho. So it's possible that we could see MS turning blue, but it'll be close either way... 50-50, I'd say. I'll put off the third party expansion until I see what the political landscape looks like in 2012.
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    I give you credit for voting your conscience, and not going for a major party candidate. If there were a viable third party candidate this time, they could easily get my vote. Maybe it is time that one or both of the major political parties goes bye-bye. They really haven't been working for us for a long time.

    As far as the black vote goes, I think it is racist that 90+% of black voters will vote for Obama. This to me is much worse than the tiny percentage of non-black voters that will vote against him because he is black.
  19. sparky

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    I wish everyone voted their conscience with a mixture of political effectiveness. If you know your state is gonna vote one way or another (i.e. - ya don't live in a battleground state), then what's the point in going to the polls if you're not gonna vote for a third party candidate?? None. Polls should be illegal, esp. since most of them are propagandist lies anyway. We should do away with the electoral college. And we should use Instant Run-Off Voting so that people aren't forced to limit such an important decision to one choice... let me rank all candidates so I know my vote isn't wasted. I want the political landscape changed more than anything in this country.

    You think it's racist that blacks identify with liberal values?
    I think it's racist that the U.S. Republican party has no blacks in congress.
    Why are all the blacks in the U.S. congress associated with the Democratic party?
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    Hahaha! Read what you wrote sparky, and you'll find that you answered your own question.