Reputation Points and Reputation Power

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Anton, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Anton

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    Reputation power is the number of reputation points you give or take away from another user with every vote you give them. Reputation power increases very slowly over time.

    Everyone starts with 10 reputation points. New members have 10 reputation points but 0 reputation power so they can't give or take points away until they have been here long enough to gain reputation power.

    Think of the reputation system as a way to thank other people for their helpful or interesting posts by giving them reputation points.

    If you abuse and annoy other members then they may take points away from you and you will end up with a little red box next to your name. Maybe people will see this red box and will be less inclined to talk to you on the forum because they know that you may just be around here to cause trouble.

    If two people got into an argument they could both take reputation points away from each other but after that they could not vote for each other again for a long time after that. Other people on the site could however see the argument and give their own opinion by taking reputation points from the users having the argument.

    A user with bad reputation will not be banned for having bad reputation. But it may be a good indicator of someone who is just here to cause trouble.

    If you get a good reputation then keep up the good work people enjoy your contribution to the forum!

    Hopefully this system will make the forum a better place for everyone! Only time will tell.

  2. professor

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    I was looking for an explaination on that system.
    So how do you give points? How do you take away points?
    Pretty ingenious.
  3. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Where do i find my reputation points counter.
    How do i issue positive or negative reputation points

    Is there a reputation points wall of shame so we can see who is No1 in either the good or the bad end of the reputation points scale.
  4. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    Look for the set of scales next to where you report a post. You should see them on every single post. Click that to give a person good reputation or bad reputation. You can also leave a comment.

    You can see feedback reputation (both good and bad) and comments left for you in the User CP but not the actual user who gave you the reputation.

    The green boxes by your name will multiply after you get heaps of good feedback. Like ways if you get heaps of negative feedback you will have heaps of red boxes.

    You can also opt out of the feedback system in your User CP. Just uncheck the box. Your reputation indicator will simply become black and it will say unknown reputation. People can still vote for you and leave comments and it will count towards your score, you just wont be able to see the comments and wont know how many points you have until you reactivate reputation.

    The choice is yours if you want to participate in this system.

    I don't think there is a wall of fame or shame, but you will see how many green and (hopefully not) red boxes a person has by there name over time.