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Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by Tom, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Tom

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    There have been requests for a video gallery. I don't think we have enough videos to justify a gallery so I figure a thread will do.

    Please try to keep the discussion of videos to a minimum. Let's try to keep this limited to YouTube and other video links.

    I'll start out:

    My Motorized Bicycle (Made by me)

    Motorized Bicycle Ruff Rider (Again, made by me)

  2. Nice Movie of your bike... =0)
  3. Dockspa1

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    That clip makes you look young Tom. What! Do I see sandles on your feet?
    Bet you've heard enough about you wearing sandles on a motered bike. :roll:
  4. sandals....

    A friend of mine using sandals ground his big toe almost to the bone trying to stop one time his brakes failed...:shock:
  5. mikem

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    Bike Videos

    Hi Tom,
    Great idea ... especially for those of us who can only watch others riding until we get our bike built (and the snow goes away!).

    By the way, thank you for "manually activating" my registration last week. Turns out the trouble was an "email thing" on my end all along.

    MBc is a real pleasure and great place to learn about motorized biking.

    Thanks again.......