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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by atex, Jan 20, 2008.

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    Got close to finishing last night but my exhaust is in the way of the left pedal. Any good suggestions for bending without breaking the exhaust. It needs to go to the right about 1.5 to 2 inches. Thanks, Steve

  2. What ever you do, do NOT attempt to bend the exhaust pipe while it is still attached to the engine....You will only break the mounting studs or worse pull the studs out and mess up the threads in the cylinder head (it can be fixed but is a pain).

    I have done minor bending by removing the pipe and clamping the exhaust in a large vice and man handling it.....some here will recommend using heat to help soften the metal.....I have not found it to be necessary though.

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    You will also find that there is "play" before nuts are tightened. Try to move over as much as you can and after that a small grinder to shave a bit off of the inside of pedal arm. Worked for me!!!Can also try to shift motor a bit. I know that sounds impossible but in your case all these little things add up.
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    I clamp it and then heat it cherry red and it bends easily. The heating ruins the finish but it at least allows you to ride.
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    Bending exhaust

    It is really easy to bend if you take it to a steel fabricators and get them to put an oxy torch on it when it's in the vice and then bend it with a big steel pipe over the exhaust. You need to have a rough idea of how much inwards or outwards and how much accross it should be bent. Tell them not to give it too much heat and the pipe will get a yellow tarnish that looks really good.
    I like to bend the pipe so it tucks under the downtube of the bike. They will either not charge you or charge you so little it hardly matters. The job takes about 3 minutes.