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    In an insane twist of events, it appears we're pretty close to manufacturing our first batch of Jet Engine Kits.
    After speaking to a UK engine kit retailer, they've asked we reserve a twin jet engine kit and all going well will place an initial order of 25 Kits.
    Will post some CAD drawings soon but here's the idea. The pic below is the size we're going for.

    Heres a vid of a simliar setup. YouTube - Jet Powered Bicycle of course ours will not be a turbine engine and subsequently wont cost over $2000

    It will however be self starting and self aspirating and importantly valveless. Therefore NO moving parts. Installed and used correctly, the engine life is effectively limitless.

    Initial complete kit price estimate is between 114.37 USD and 171.56 USD however we plan to integrate it so it uses as many parts as possible that are already used for the HT engines. This means the price will be less for those who already have an MB. So far one of the biggest contributors to the price is the need for a fuel pump as we hope to run the engine primarily on either petrol or methanol (although propane and other flammable fuels will also be compatible). A parts list will be published and we'll be open to "pic'n'mix" orders whereby if people find they already have some of the parts the price can be reduced accordingly.

    The basic kit will be for one engine mounted behind the rider and over the rear wheel, the "turbo deluxe" kit will include two engines mounted either side of the rear wheel.

    If you are seriously interested send your details (Name, Address, Email, MB forum ID, and Kit desired) to when production is ready we envisage implementing a fixed refundable reservation fee something in the region of $21(10%)-$85(50%) with the balance to be paid prior to dispatch.

    Thanks chaps will be interested to see the level of response and hear your thoughts.
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    cool prototype bike!, I'm curious as to how loud are these engines? I saw a youtube clip and the guy had to wear heavy duty ear protection.
  3. arceeguy

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    Don't want to be a "downer" here, but pulse jet engines are loud, inefficient, and (IMHO) not a great way to propel a bicycle. Regardless, you would probably need some videos of a working prototype before anyone would put a deposit on a kit.

    Don't mean to burst your bubble, but you wanted to hear some thoughts.
  4. milegajo

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    Thanks for your input there - no bubbles burst i can assure you

    Thought you might like to see this article

    Any engine that powers a bike to 75mph might be loud and certainly thirsty, but can't be that inefficient at propelling a vehicle.... at least Hitlers V1 flying bombs would say otherwise.

    Also a vid here

    Some crazy machinery here requiring some crazy operators!

    Good to get some feedback, thanks guys.
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    Well, its the 3rd of april - isn't this 2 days late?
  6. milegajo

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    pulse jets can emit 140 decibels!!! (although these won't be quite that bad...)
  7. arceeguy

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    Jet engines simply are not suited to propelling vehicles that need quick throttle response. A Kawasaki Ninja 250 can top out over 100mph, will accelerate faster than the huge pulse jet engine you linked to, get (much) better fuel economy and make much less noise.

    The Nazi "buzzbombs" weren't designed for efficiency as much as low manufacturing costs.
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    If I get to wear a leather helmet and a duster I'm in. HT8386-001.jpg
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    How will this do?:helmet:

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    I think your missing the point somewhat. And a funny bone perhaps..... lighten up dude :jester: this is awesome
  11. arceeguy

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    OK, I fell for it. In which case, you did post a day late, which is why I thought you were serious. Maybe it was still April 1st where you live when you posted?

    When you think about it, manufacturing and selling a small pulse jet engine for about $150 USD is easily possible since they are so simple. Using one to propel a bike is absurd. The thing is that I have read so many absurd ideas on this forum where people were totally serious, I approach everything I read here as if they were serious. If you try and tell someone that using an electric fan to supercharge their HT engine is ridiculous, you will probably get told that you are not open to new ideas and have no spirit of invention. If you don't think I have a funny bone, you haven't read some of my posts here!
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    I hope you have a good lawyer.

    Can you say LAW SUITS.:whistling::whistling:
  13. jbcruisin

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    You got me. I thought "these guys are crazy"!!
  14. jlebh1

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    so whats happening with these small jet engines cause I would be interested even if they are a bit loud id like to see a video of one of the acual kits in action though
  15. bbb

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    I thought it would fit nicely on the other side of my bike to help get thru intersections faster.
  16. milegajo

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    So far we have a manufacturer on board who is willing to fabricate, compile and package the kits. The next stage is, money money money...... if we can get enough interest and reservations placed we can approach the bank for mo cash.
  17. jlebh1

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    ill be interested if the price is right ide probly pay $207AUD (150USD) for the single and probly about 297AUD (215USD) for the twin jets so if the prices are about that or close im in I personally would rather the twin enginesso ide probly pay about 300 - 350 aussie dollars for the twin kit more if need be.
  18. arceeguy

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    Looks like they took the money and ran. Jet engine - bwaaahahahahaaaaaa!
  19. azbill

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    I believe tigertooth folded a while ago :(
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    they take a while to get up to speed
    and what if you need to stop fast
    just when you have hit the blast button ??
    coming to stop while rocket THING is blasting ??
    can we stop that THING in two seconds as we can a gas engine ?????
    I am a dare devil at times -- but this is getting out there ???