Reserve Your Jet Engine Kit!

I think your missing the point somewhat. And a funny bone perhaps..... lighten up dude :giggle: this is awesome

OK, I fell for it. In which case, you did post a day late, which is why I thought you were serious. Maybe it was still April 1st where you live when you posted?

When you think about it, manufacturing and selling a small pulse jet engine for about $150 USD is easily possible since they are so simple. Using one to propel a bike is absurd. The thing is that I have read so many absurd ideas on this forum where people were totally serious, I approach everything I read here as if they were serious. If you try and tell someone that using an electric fan to supercharge their HT engine is ridiculous, you will probably get told that you are not open to new ideas and have no spirit of invention. If you don't think I have a funny bone, you haven't read some of my posts here!
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so whats happening with these small jet engines cause I would be interested even if they are a bit loud id like to see a video of one of the acual kits in action though
So far we have a manufacturer on board who is willing to fabricate, compile and package the kits. The next stage is, money money money...... if we can get enough interest and reservations placed we can approach the bank for mo cash.
ill be interested if the price is right ide probly pay $207AUD (150USD) for the single and probly about 297AUD (215USD) for the twin jets so if the prices are about that or close im in I personally would rather the twin enginesso ide probly pay about 300 - 350 aussie dollars for the twin kit more if need be.
they take a while to get up to speed
and what if you need to stop fast
just when you have hit the blast button ??
coming to stop while rocket THING is blasting ??
can we stop that THING in two seconds as we can a gas engine ?????
I am a dare devil at times -- but this is getting out there ???