Reserve Your Jet Engine Kit!

I came up with a better idea....come down to Texas, eat some good Tex mex food for three days, light a road flair and attach it to your rear rack....viola!! Jet propulsion and at the cost of a few meals.

That's a wild concept.

Certainly going to be a crowd pleaser going for a spirited cruise along a picturesque beach sidewalk.

This guy took my $180 deposit and ran off

Closed shop, website, and never responded to my emails regarding a refund other than Paypal suspending his account. Serious sack of sh**.
wish i thought of this scam first!
but anyway, if you really want a jet engine for your bike, they are dead simple to make(not that you would get any real thrust out of something that small) but anyone who has access to hardware plumbing fittings could make a basic jet engine that'd belch fire and smoke from the back and warm your *** pretty much all you need to do is contain the fuel in a area where it wont blow out, im thinking like..
1/2 inch T connector(with air coming in the back, copper tubing bent into the top and pointed into the combustion chamber for fuel), connected to a 1/2 inch to 3 inch flange, a 6 inch section of 3 inch pipe and a 3 inch to 1.5-2 inch adaptor(and possibly a few inches of pipe on the end of that as well to allow for full combustion)
in all honesty, it would probably produce less thrust than it'd take to move itself on wheels(letalone you and a bike) but it'd produce a nice roaring sound and some pretty flames behind you :D
as for fuel, go with propane or propane and vaporised gasoline(use the propane to drive it so you dont need a pump)