Clutch Resistance while pedaling with clutch disengaged

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by ariel, Sep 24, 2009.

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    Hi, I installed my first 2 stroke chinese motor to my bike a couple of months ago and I notice some resistance coming from the engine while pedaling while the clutch is disengaged. I opened the engine cover where the clutch is located and it appears that the disk that rotates next to the large gear rubs against the gear disk. Is this normal? When I pedal I can hear the rubbing. I tried to loosen the two parts to have more clearance between them but could'nt figure out if that's even possible. To give you an idea, I can spin the rear wheel by hand and it would come to rest within two to three revolutions due to the friction. Does anyone have advise as to how to prevent this rubbing from occurring or is this even normal for these engines? I appreciate any help.

  2. mastafoo

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    A little friction is always going to be there, but you can make it less by turning the nut that looks like a flower counterclockwise. Don't over-do it or your clutch will slip while trying to start and during acceleration.
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    Coming to rest after 2-3 revs isn't too bad,& if your going to experiment with clutch adjustment mark that flower nut before u start.
    Personally everything sounds normal but u have to decide for yourself what normal is.
    Helps also to keep the chain lubed & correctly tensioned.
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    Man, I'm just starting out, I'd kill for such low resistance!