RESULTS: SpookyTooth Death Race 2008

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    Race Day started as any other. No, that's a lie...I couldn't sleep much the night before :puke:, and was scurrying about all morning to get last-minute preps done. :p

    Bill and Vinnie showed up at my place, and we loaded our bikes onto their trailer. Megan met us for brunch, and off we went to the meeting place.

    Lots of wicked-cool bikes. George had a killer three-wheeler (pics below), but it was two wheels in front. You steered as if it were a tank. But it was much more comfy. We saw alot of friendly, familiar faces from last year's race, and that's always good. Its good to be able to checkout all the different rides, and what they've done to personalize their deal.

    Roland was thoughtful enough to mark the race route with pink arrows :arrow:. Good thing, cuz i would have missed a turn for sure. :shock:

    At the drop of a hand, the race was ON! :evil:. This wasn't a timed event. We took off simultaneously, and lemme tell ya' that was something. The scream and howl of 25-30 bikes full-throttle....nice :evil::cool:. At mile end of mile one, i had made my way to the front, but was suffering from a top-end rev misfire! I just could NOT get past these two guys. I couldnt figure it out :confused:, cuz i had it running tip-top the night before. I looked down...ah. My choke was on just a hair :rolleyes:. Once i flipped it down, va-roooom! And into the lead i went.
    I am not able to 'toot my own horn' about pulling so far away from everybody else, because I didnt modify my motor. it was done for me. All i did in this race was twist the throttle. My engine guy deserves the credit.
    Anyway, it was a excellent ride/race. Great route. Lots of twists, turns, and medium-sized hills. Traffic was almost non-existent :evil:.

    Megan rode Big Meanie (our black one), and had alot of fun, too. It was good to see Bill and Vin, Roland, Heather, and Fred, and everyone again, and all had a good time.

    The after race-party was a couple bands. The first band was jazzy and interesting. The main act was KuDeGra. These guys SHRED!! Pantera, Slayer, etc. really tight and speedy.

    First place prize: I got a very expensive lighting set. a Sigma Mirage Evo/Evo X. badly needed, as i ride every morning 9miles in the dark, much of it away from any street lights. i can actually SEE whats in the road now.
    Second place: a killer Kryptonite bike lock. it was rated a 9 on the 'you cant steal my bike' scale.
    Third place: A set of 26" all red tires.

    Thanks to SpookyTooth for everything. It was awesome.:cool::cool::evil:

    Uploading pics with this software SUX! so here's the photostream link:
    I'll add more pics when they come from vinnie and bill. hopefully roland will kick down a few. He had a cameraman videotaping the entire thing from a sidecar on his vintage BMW motorcycle. cant wait for that.
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    Wow! that sounds so fun!! look forward to seeing the videos... wish there was something like this in England. The noise must have been amazing!
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    congrats on your win!!
    2 years in a row? right?

    thanks for the update... & the pics. (I'm ready to see the video...)
    I dig the 3-wheelers.....George's tank rocks!!
    whose trike had the tool-box on the back? that's cool!
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    there where a couple of cool trikes there
    I had a blast
    my Jaguar hit 37.8 and I didn't blow it up :D
    it was a good day
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    thanks, all. i dunno who the trike/toolbox was.
    sho 'nuf. me wins two years in a row. for the newbies, here's 2007:
    that was posted when we were using the old software, so pictures could be placed anywhere in the post, which made for a much more interesting and visually stimulating story. i cant stand vbulletin:-x
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    sounds like you all had fun!
  7. thatsdax

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    I would..

    I would love to go. I hope to attend next year... It looks awesome !! Enjoy the ride..:smile:
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    Any word on this video? I would love to see this!
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    next year i swear i am going to be there and hope to win
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    Well, I missed it, and I live about 1.5 miles east of Rogue's shop. I'm really developing a deep hatred of computer based anything,so I miss certain posts, can barely send an email, and most certainly cannot attach a file or pic. I will have to call Spooky or stop by Rogue everyday. I was at Rogue two days ago and when I asked Martha about any upcoming events that they (Rogue) are doing, I got a blank look. She was probably distracted by another customer in the store. Oh well, I'll bet racing pigeons are more reliable than the internet.
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    Man, looks like a ton of fun!
    37mph! Wow - that's pretty darn fast. I feel like my motor's going to blow up at about 27!
    Hopefully my 40t sprocket will show up today...then I can go a bit faster and still not feel like I'm going to blow up my motor.