Retiring to Oklahoma soon

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    If you check my bio, you will see that I am 69 years old, soon to be 70. I told my wife that I am getting too old to peddle a bike, so I bought an 80cc??? motor to install. Haven't begun the installation yet, so I need all of you to stand by so when I start, I can yell for help.
    I currently reside in Houston, Tx. but will be moving to a small town in Ok.(population abt 6000) Lots of wide open riding spaces. I have ridden a motorcycle off and on for many years and will continue to keep my motorcycle endorsement valid on the drivers license. Never know when I may want to move up to a 250 cc or larger motorcycle to get around on.
    Thanks so much for having a forum such as this with all of the knowledgeable persons registered.
    See you in Oklahoma.

  2. Right on! You're never too old to ride.

    WELCOME to MBc!