Retro Cyclemotor Hotrod!!

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  1. Newbloke

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    Hi All

    I'm looking to build some modern power into an old Trojan cyclemotor shell, don't worry I'm not going to break the one pictured that works!

    I have a 49cc CAG type motor and this reduction gear as it sits the chain nicely in line with the wheel.

    I believe that this reduction is about 3:1, and I'm hoping to use a 14 tooth engine sprocket down to a 54 tooth sprocket on the 26" wheel.

    Now I think that is going to be a bit high, and I will be doing some pedal work to get away!!

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience of this type of build?


  2. dougsr.874

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    DO NOT, DO NOT try to use the "Hoot" gearbox as pictured above....It is a total piece of junk and will fail almost immediately.
  3. Newbloke

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    So you are saying that a gearbox costing the same as 4 pints of beer is no good, can't believe that!!!!

    Any alternatives you can recommend that might work? The configuration with the drive sprocket coming back in towards the engine is important.

    I have seen some reduction gears that extend from the crankshaft, but these make the whole unit far too wide.