retro/modern Felt boardtrack racer

this is my first bike and its still a work in progress as of October 20th

This is what it originally looked like:

I got the gas tank welded up based on what I've seen on the other Felt's on this site:

I had to get skinnier rims and tires to mount the chain on easily so I got some basic all black tough mountain bike rims wrapped around with Specialized "Armadillo" tires which are made out of teflon and are very hard to pop:

I got these cheap 9 LED flashlights which are blinding bright, they hold on to the handlebars with "2 Fish" straps:
^(that pic was taken in the light, my cellphone is weird about lighting)

I want a more simple and retro handlebar, these mountain bike bars would have been great if they were the right size:

heres some more angles of the bike:
^ (notice I welded a bracket onto the frame for a more streamline look)

I'll be sure to post pics when I get it running, mount the Boost Bottle and when I paint it :D


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Very Very cool!

Thank-you for posting the images. This is exactly along the lines of what I want to do.

Unless you re-heat treated the frame after you did those welds I would be really nervous about riding that setup much.
Its actually made out of Felt CruiseLite aluminum

I hooked up the throttle and painted the gas cap since then

I'm still looking for some handlebars though...
well I'm thinking of this light Olive color, I want it to stand out but not look flashy, I want it to also look tough yet elegant

I don't know if I want it as light as this VW Golf but its definitely not going to be silver again, I always get turned off by white, black, or silver paint jobs; they're so bland and common


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