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    Most of you who own Whizzer WC-1s and NE5s probably know that turn signals were offered as an option. Not everyone opted for turn signals however, and the first owner of my bike was one of those who did not. I've wanted to fit turn signals to my Whizzer, and I like the early ones that were bullet-shaped with a chrome finish. Those are no longer made, and unfortunately also have a reputation for being somewhat brittle.
    I did some cosmetic work to give my NE5 more of a retro look, and I wanted appropriate turn signals for it. The new ones from Whizzer just don't have the look I want.
    One day I was browsing through the website and came across some mini lights I thought would work. They're called the "Baby Bee" and BikeWorldUSA has them with a variety of different lens colors, including amber.
    The price was really nice, so I bought four of them. They arrived in a few days (Deb at BikeWorldUSA is great to work with), and I then went out to my local auto parts store to find a flasher unit.
    Today I set out to mount the new turn signals. I mounted the front signals where the front reflectors would normally mount. Because the lights rely on frame grounding, I had to run a wire from the harness to the mounting screw. I then hooked the wire that is attached to the light to the appropriate connector on the harness. I also had to turn the hoods on the lights so they would be on top. Here's what the front signals look like: Bikes/100_1560.jpg
    The rear lights needed to have the L-shaped mounting brackets straightened to mount to the license plate holder. I wired them to the appropriate connectors on the harness and ran grounding wires to the mounts, turned the hoods and voila! I now have rear turn signals. Here's a pic: Bikes/100_1564.jpg
    The best thing of all is that I have less than $30 invested in my turn signals, as the lights were $5.96 each and the flasher unit was $2.75. I also have the vintage look I was seeking. Bikes/100_1569-1.jpg
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Good job!

    These things don't have to cost an arm and a leg, do they? A little looking around sometimes works wonders.
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    Looks good Chris and now you are safer too. You can't go wrong there.

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    Yeah, the ones from Whizzer cost around $85 and don't have the right look for me. I saved around $55 this way. Of course, the ones from Whizzer don't need the bit of improvising I needed to do with these (straightening the mounts, turning the hoods and rigging ground wires), so I guess there are advantages either way.
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    You can buy them at any Truck Stop/ gas station along the freeways for the same price.Look the next time you're on the road at all of the lights offered in these places.
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    What did you use for a turn signal switch?
  7. KilroyCD

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    The Whizzer controls have a turn signal switch already built in, so I used those.
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    Any idea where I can get a GOOD one, not like the junk I bought off fleabay?