returned Harbor Freight water pump for $80- Should I buy it?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Fletch, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Fletch

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    It has some minor scratches on the motor, but HF is having a sidewalk sale and there is one of these out there:

    It has the 2.5 hp engine, but it isn't the Greyhound labeled one. I want to build a 4 stroke bike but have no experience with them. The pump sells for $170 and it was $80 yesterday. If it is still there it will be cheaper today (3 day sale), and I can try to talk them down. It has been returned and probably run.

    Is it worth it, or should I just buy a new HF 2.5hp engine for $120? Could I sell the pump without engine you think?

    *update* Just called and it's still there today. Even if I don't use it on a bike, do you think I could sell it on craigslist for a profit?
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  2. ibdennyak

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    Are you sure it isn't the Greyhound engine? Looks and sounds like it is, or a clone at least.
  3. Fletch

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    It's the same engine, just not branded "greyhound". I can't decide if it's worth buying? What would you guys say was a price you'd be willing to pay, considering it's a returned item? It's already down to $80 from $170. I don't know if the water pump is of any value without the engine as far as selling it goes. If it is still there tomorrow the price should be very negotiable because it is the last day of the liquidation sale.
  4. Animal454

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    For that price you can't miss unless the person that returned it killed the engine.
    I would bring some gas and fire it up.

    Maybe talk to the manager and offer 60. Can't hurt to ask.
  5. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member

    If you can get an extended warranty on it for a good price, then what do you have to loose. Even with just the manufacturers standard warranty might a good deal. Just make sure it's not a "NO RETURN" as it item.
  6. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    Being that it is on a pump it may have a tapered output shaft. I don't know myself but it is something to consider.

  7. Duffmeister

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    Harbor Freight Engine

    Have experience with that engine on both their pressure washer and the 1.5 Inch Pump. The engine is fine once you get it started. Choke is very touchy and hot restart has been problematic for me - found that the only 100% reliable way to start it is with ether.
  8. Fletch

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    Really? That's surprising because I've read nothing but good about the HF engines. Do you think that there is any difference between the pump/auger engines and the separately sold "greyhound" engines as far as the issues you're experiencing?
  9. Duffmeister

    Duffmeister New Member

    Harbor Freight Engines Generally Good

    The Engines on both my devices are the same, I do not know if it is the Greyhound.
    One thing about harbor Freight is that the seem to use whatever they have around.

    I have seen the Briggs & Stratton copies and the engine looks great.

    The other engine is the one on the Northern Tool Wellbuilt Pump and it is a great engine.

    I guess at $80 or less you can take your chances. I have had nothing but excellent results with everything I have bought from Harbor Freight - I am a member of their Insiders Club.

    By the way, in the back of this old house magazine is usually a 20% Discount
    coupon usable on anything.

    Good Luck
  10. Wheres my dog

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    The porkchop man is right, make sure it is NOT a NO RETURN item!