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    Hulluuuu fellow mini-gearheads!

    I'd previously bought a kit that I never got running, but this time around I bought an Upland Crusier w/ a 49cc running motor with a crappy carb and air filter that ran wonderfully!

    Love the size and style, and was planning on doing some Jag/Juice style upgrades to help it get around consistently. Accidentially added a bit too much oil to my fuel mix and was running around at WOT quite a bit, noticed engine running a little warm, heard a "tinking" noise for 2 days then lost all compression.

    Run starting(have some chain issues on the human-power side to correct) resulted in hearing the motor firing, responding to throttle, but could tell that I had lost compression. Probably have a fouled plug as well, but the thing ran really well before I ran it too hard.

    This is going to be my consistent commuter(a bus pass is $100/mo here, which is expensive compared to the fuel consumption for my commute with a properly tuned/running motor). I know some of you use these for toys and play, but for me this needs to be built as a reliable powerplant(not that I won't get another engine soonish and do a similar rebuild on it just so it's ready).

    Thanks for all the information and advice that I've read already, it's what gave me the confidence to buy one of these again, knowing I was going to rebuild it anyway!

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    Adding too much oil will not cause the engine to run warm, nor will it cause loss of compression. On the other hand, if your fuel to air ratio is lean, that might do it. My first mb was an upland cruiser. It's a better frame than it gets credit for. Welcome back!
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    Ooohhhh, just realized running around with a somewhat dirty, small, damp air filter(round cover with the little slats, pics to come) was a boo boo..... I even remember reading about that being one of the first things to do if you have a motor with a restrictive air filter....

    Well, anything was going to fail and get me to at least do some top-end rebuild work, I'm glad it was the ring!!!