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  1. Will Snow

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    My name is Bill Snow. I was on this forum awhile back but got side tracked and now getting interested these motorized bicycles again.

    I started with motorized bicycles in the early 80's with a bike called " Bumble Bee". Did not hold up very well for me but was more enjoyable than my airplane that I put it in. That's where my interest started and grew into putting several bikes together. I have used several different engines over the years and even gave electric a try. The last bike I put together is an old Schwinn Black Phantom I have had for many years. I saw it at a garage sale and felt I couldn't live without it. A few years ago I put a new NE-5 Whizzer engine that Quention of Outer Banks SC. Hopped up. That guy does a great job on these engines, he is also a top notch person. I think there is a picture of it on this forum. I call it: Black Phantom Whizzer. It is probably is one of the very early pictures.

    Bike engines I have used: Bumble Bee, MX-5, Bike Machine ( I think that was the name but I maybe off), Chinese engines, Golden Eagle and a couple of Whizzers. The electric was a currie

    I am putting one together now called a " Ground Hugger " with a Golden Eagle setup.

    Moved from Lynchburg Virginia to Fresno California about a year ago and starting back with the bicycles again.

    I have always liked this forum, glad it is still dong so well.

    Best Rregards

    Bill Snow

    PS: Tried to register as Bill Snow but would not accept so I used Will Snow. Probable my error, as I do with most things,I just stumble around with these computers.

  2. Happy Valley

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    Welcome back Bill, a nice re-introduction there.
    Good luck on the latest project and don't stay away so long next time.:D
  3. bamabikeguy

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    Welcome back.

    Have you chosen an engine yet? Fresno being as flat as it is, the R/S 35 would probably do the job for you, in the 180-190 mpg range.
  4. biken stins

    biken stins Member

    Welcome back to the site.
  5. Will Snow

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    You are right, Fresno is a no hills area. I have a Golden Eagle 4cycle I may put on it. I'm still deciding if I will use the Ground Hugger bike, It's a little tricky to ride, maybe a little to tricky for me.

    Thank you for the welcome back, that was nice.

    Bill Snow
  6. Esteban

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    Welcome back. The one you referred to as " Bike Machine," was probably & K & S Bike Machine. I have one right now. Good unit
  7. Will Snow

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    K&S Bike machine

    Yes, K&S, that's right. Thank you for making it clear, and they are a nice bike motors.
  8. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    I like old bike motors & have had an Ohlsson & Rice, [ see my avatar] Bike Bug, homemade old rig, & now am " playing" with the K & S. With its Mitsubishi motor & great frame mount, I think is better than a lot of the expensive kits made today ! I may sell it soon, as the last one on E Bay went for $285 !! Then, I'll get another old, odd kit to play with !

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