rev limmit?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by linnix13, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. linnix13

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    if i pull my clutch in and twist the throttle half way for a second the engine revvs way higher than it does whilst riding, my question is: if i pulled the clutch in and twisted the throttle all the way would the engine just explode or would it reach a very high rpm and stay there. i never have and never will do this its just that at half throttle in neutral the engine revvs very very high and i was wondering if anything would stop the engine from exploding if the throttle got stuck on full and i pulled the clutch in.

    i have an ebay HT engine

  2. arceeguy

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    It would rev until something broke.

    Hitting the kill switch would prevent disaster.
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    yeah i kinda figured. so how come dirt bikes or lawn mowers or any other engine will revv then reach a limit where its red lined. of course if you hold any engine redlined for a long time it will break but how come there is no redline on these engines? is it just to keep them as simple as possible?
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    Dirt bikes have rev limiters built into the CDI units. Lawn mowers have mechanical governors that limit top RPM. Other small lawn equipment either have rev limiters in the CDI, or they are intake/exhaust restricted to the point where holding them wide open will not result in rapid destruction.
  5. if your engine throttle gets stuck and idles like its going to explode youve better hit the kill switch or it will.if your throttle sticks oil up carb slide and cable and fix it.
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    HT engines are not going to run for long with WOT
    especially when not in gear....

    ride that MB thing sideways