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    new pictures

    finally done. check out if you want to see how one guy did it, with massive help from this forum. a picture is worth a thousand word, so this page will give you about 18,000 of them :grin: and thanks to everyone that helped, even if your only help was letting me see pictures of your work on the forum. I'll be back. lots.
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    ive got the same dang motor at my house, a ryobi:smile: but just can seem to get it started..except mine has a centrifugal clutch on it, was thinkin about puttin a skateboard wheel on it and mountain it on the back of a bmx bike and stunt and cruize the town with it, w00t:grin:

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    check all the fuel lines. if they slip off really easy they may have lost thier elasticity and they will leak. you may need new ones. also take out the spark plug and make sure it's clean. safest bet is get a new one. make sure your actually getting spark. put on a leather glove or hold the spark plug near the body of the engine while someone pulls the rope. carefully. you could get a shock if you do wrong. if spark and gas are good it should run. hope that helps.
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    Terrific pictures/build. Noticed your shorty seat. Is it comfortable? Would you recommend it?
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    Absolutely. it holds the seat of your seat exactly where you need it to. and nothing gets touched that don't need touching while your going down the road. (if you know what i mean by "nothing") no discomfort at all.