reverse 2 stroke saves exhaust burns.

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  1. So, for anyone having issues with exhaust fitment on the rack mounted drives with 2 stroke motors, here's a fun fact for those that didnt already know.

    here's my bike:

    i was pretty concerned about the exhaust shooting right at my leg due to the exhaust pointing right at me. so i started shopping for insanely priced expansion exhausts for the motor. during my quest for knowledge i ran across a few videos on youtube with motors that had a reverse set up of mine and after some careful thought i came to the realization it doesnt matter which way the cylider head runs. there arent any intake or exhaust valves to have to worry about. the piston doesnt care which direction the fuel comes from, only that it gets it, compress it, ignites it, and tosses it. It has made for a much more comfortable ride!

    Hope this helps those of you looking for the "perfect" exhaust!!!
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    Exhaust Burns?

    Rick has seen my nasty second-degree burns caused by my shiny pipe.:ack2:

    If the piston and cylinder had been reversed, I would not have gotten burned!

    Sooo, if I run my 460 engine on my Scooterguy drive, I can run my ADA pipe for more power and not get burned!!:idea:

    Thanks, Rick.

    How's your bike running? And how fast does it go up the Tripler Hospital hill(moderately steep)?:detective:
  3. you were the reason i posted this thread! =) it runs strong doing, accoring to my cateye speedo which has been noted as being about 4 mph lower than actual speed, 25ish wot. i dont just take the lane now i OWN the lane!!!!
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    Of course you mean 45ish, right?:detective:

    Yes, here in Hawaii motorized bikes might be in a safer predicament to own the lane, to avoid injury. Of course, you need to be able to go 5mph above the speed limit, if/when the need arises. If not, it is human nature for some drivers to attempt to guide or muscle or intimidate you onto the edge of the road surface.

    Of course, this is just my opinion, probably Rick's and Hawaii Ed's too.:whistling:
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    I think he meant takes the steep hill to our house at 25 :) It cruises at 45+ I hear :)
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    I have enjoyed reading about your bike and its evolution!

    I don't want to go too far off topic here, but can you tell me what the fuel tank is that you are using?
  7. ah yes, i did in fact mean up hill at 25ish wot and 45+ wot on the flats. The tank, im pretty sure 5-7 heaven can verify, is a 1L from daves motors. the staton gear box comes with a sprocket/chain guard. i simply replaced it to the other side drilled the 3 holes for the fuel tank mounting bolts in it and it balanced out nicely imo.

    thanks for checkin out and stay tuned im sure there are changes to be made in the near future.
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    I believe it's 1.5 liter, Rick. I've filled 50 ounces in it before.

    I heard bad news from Hawaii Ed, Rick.

    Say it aint so, my friend.:ack2:
  9. the bad news is true but i must say i get kind of a warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment when i do break set something designed not to... =) I did however get a chance to ride with the expansion pipe and it had substantial power increase up top. a much more profound "rush" feeling as you previously described!