Reverse a 4 stroke 196cc with pull start?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by moneyfresh, May 20, 2011.

  1. moneyfresh

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    ive managed to put together a atv with a right sided crankshaft that connects to a rod with bearings that transfer the motion to the left side sprocket on the axle. but my problem is... when i had it all set up i started it up and it went backwards and i was prettttty ****sed

    so anyway. i was wondering if it was possible to switch the carb and exhaust to do the same thing? just in different direction, i know i might have to change the values and timing maybe even the cam. but i know it can be done. i couldn't understand why not.

    any comments? concerns? additions?

  2. moneyfresh

    moneyfresh New Member

    the motor is a Mitsubishi btw
  3. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    Why not just run a jackshaft?

    May be easier then trying to reinvent the engine...
  4. rustycase

    rustycase New Member

    A jackshaft will not reverse rotation.
    It will require a pair of gears to accomplish that effect.
  5. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    Sorry if I am understanding this the wrong way...

    He wants to reverse the direction of the engine... wouldn't this be the same as transferring motion from one side to the other instead of turning the engine output 180 degrees?
  6. rustycase

    rustycase New Member


    WMD, you can be assured I'm thoroughly confused ! LoL

    Perhaps he would like to re-cam the engine and rotate the head 180% ??? :)
    ...and all the other stuff necessary...

    Fun stuff! ...dontcha think?
    THIS is a great board for people thinking outside the box. :)

  7. Greybeard

    Greybeard Member

    You could, if you had enough money, create a reverse running engine. It would require a custom camshaft, modification of the ignition becasue it's now running advanced and in reverse it would be retarded, and a custon pull starter because the one on it only turns it one way.

    The easy way is to unbolt the engine, and turn it 180 degrees. If you need to get the drive to the other side of the bike, you use a jackshaft.
  8. rustycase

    rustycase New Member

    I spent most my life ignoring the greybeards.
    Now that I got my own, I get ignored a lot.

    Such is life.
  9. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    As I said as well.... leave the engine alone and just use a jackshaft!!!
  10. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    ha ha ha ha! roflmao!

    oh, tears of laughter! you got the engine in backwards!

    sorry for takin the mickey, but thats GOOOOOLD!!!!! oh, i wish id seeeeeen it!

    you never thought of checking beforehand? that the engine spun the same way as the desired direction of travel?

    oh my aching ribs....

    so, how many weeks of determination were wasted?

    freakin got the engine backwards...oh my gawd....

    looks like somebodies gunna be busy with an angle grinder and the welder while they turn all this around and set up the drivetrain again...

    and saying that an engine has a "right handed crank" is irrelevant. they either rotate clockwise or anticlockwise at the PTO.

    how about simply turning the seat around and saying its front wheel drive? :)
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  11. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    In a few years he might laugh but now isn't the time.
  12. rustycase

    rustycase New Member

    I'd like to see a pic of this atv now that we're all confused and had our laugh.

    I think he's already got a jackshaft... the rod and all he needs to do is turn the engine 180 and slide (if it does) a gear over from one side to the same as the existing gear to the rear chain is. He'll have a reduction shaft...

    We need more info...

    ...I've got a homelite here that I'm rigging for a FD... Milled off the flywheel starter components/fan blades to the level of the magnet and I STILL gotta look twice at it EVERY time to be sure which way rotation is...

  13. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    yeah, ok, i was being mean :(

    yep. i think you got the nail on the head there rust.

    rod with bearings sounds like a jackshaft to me too.

    i was too busy laughing though :(

    i still like the front wheel drive rear steer concept mind you... :)
  14. wzuccarello

    wzuccarello New Member

    Here's how I reversed my Predator's rotation.
    I put a 3" dia clutch on the jackshaft, and it's bell doubles as the drive roller

    Works way better than I imagined, 38mph!