review of boygofast four stroke.



ok. i will ad to this. as i go. just writine about it makes me get all steamed up:-|

ok. here goes. opened the engine
scratched chain guard. put engine on- not lone enough bolts (i can live with that) but what really gets me mad, is that they didnt include and fargon bolts to go into the bottom of the freakin engine, to mount it to the plate!! they shorted me 4 lock washers, that go on the tank. the cranks i got are round, with a horizontal hole drilled, so it will fit on a square shaft. (no bolts included) they threaded the left peddel bad. and when i fixed ALL this, it loosened the righ stud bolt, cause the cranks rubbed the bolt. thus causing the left crank to flop and be usless. the only way the right crank worked, is because of the chain. i will add the gearbox issue once i cool down.......

ok. the gear box is an all in all p.o.s. i had to replace the keys 3 times, before my dad used his grinder, and a huge hardened lockwasher. to replace all the keys, cause they kept breaking. and not to mention the gearbox has a god aful squealing noise, that will blow yr ear out. and has given me a migrane. that all i have to say about it. if i say anything else, i might get kicked from the site...
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By the sounds of it it's an exceptionally bad idea to buy anything from BoyGoFast.Were they aware u were going to do a review for MBc when they sold u the kit...did u tell them?
But, if you mention before hand that you are going to write a review - Yes, they may take more care and give you a product of higher quality. But then the review is not a review of the general quality of the product they sell to others.
correct. the box was sealed from china. so he really should be talking to his importers. or trade for new stock!!!
Don't forget to rate him on ebay too. He has a 99% aproval rating, so either it's true everyone else gets great stuff and your a one off problem, or it's manipulated, or unhapppy people aren't rating.