Review of Livefastmotors 2-stroke rack mount chain drive


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Apr 6, 2008
I recently bid and won a Livefastmotors 2 stroke rack mount chain drive mot kit on Ebay

The pics on the Ebay description is for a completely different motor (ie 4 stroke) and the descriptions says that the 2-cycle kit may vary slightly from picture.

The kit arrived within days with no installation instructions. The kit was packaged fairly well but not well enough for the motor not to have smashed the kill switch. The supplier has promised a quick replacement. In the interim I will try to run without a kill switch.

The installation instructions on the website are for the four-stroke engine which is significantly different due to the placement of the gas tank. The two-stroke which I received has the gas tank on top and therefore the engine mount is different. About 80% of the website instructions are applicable. However, I did receive a flat piece of metal and the rack mount engine kit I would appreciate hearing from you.
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The old "bait and switcheroo?"

You know what's terrible? Paypal won't support you if you tried to return it. Something like this happened to me a few months ago...complete B&S, and when I tried to contact the guy, he told me basically "Tough $hit - I'm a powerseller and Ebay wants my money". So I went to Paypal - who I thought would PROTECT ME, and they basically told me there was nothing they could do.

SO I had no choice but to leave the guy negative what does he do? Replies to it saying I'm a liar, then posts bad feedback against me, and then sends me the negative feedback removal form, which removes feedback from both of us...that's blackmail, if you ask me, but again, Ebay won't do anything because he's a "Powerseller".

So I kept the negative remarks just to make sure the next guy sees my post before getting ripped off. It changed my feedback from 100% to less than that, but I have enough transactions I hope to convince people that this is a fluke..

So I still use Paypal, but that's the last time I let them take the money from my bank account - I always use a credit card now, because the CC company WILL try to help you.

Bait and switch is against the law in this country last time I checked, and I also know that when it's done across state lines, it's a FEDERAL mail-order crime, I think. So maybe you do have recourse...

Sorry about your bad deal...I hope I don't get kit from another vendor should be delivered on Monday...I'm a bit worried, because I haven't seen great things on this forum about them...not terrible, but not great.
Livefastmotor 40cc rack mount review

I spent about 4-5 hrs today assembling the Livefastmotors chain drive 40cc 2-stroke rack mounted kit. It would probably be a 2 hr job if I had the proper instructions or were to do another. I basically ended doing a lot of things twice to get it right. The kit comes with a toolkit which is nice and all the parts (and some that you don't need).

I think the kit looks good and is not as complex as the Chinese frame mount, ie no muffler, carb, clutch, twist throttle, gas tank, wiring or air filter to assemble. It does have a gear box which isn't bad....especially if you had instructions. I used loctite or nylock nuts on all bolts.

Performance: with the centrifugal clutch and only 40cc does not produce the get-up-and-go as the 70cc Chinese engine. It helps to peddle to start and the acceleration is not as quick. I don't know how it would compare to the 50cc Chinese engine. I haven't clocked the top-end speed but I would guess it is slightly slower compared to the Chinese 70cc. I'm running at 5000 feet in Utah which is quite higher than my 3000 feet at home in Alberta. The elevation difference would also have a significant impact on performance. I haven't tried it on any hills...I hope to tomorrow. It sounds about as loud as the Chinese 70cc.


1) No instructions. The instructions on the internet are for a different motor and the mounting is significantly different due to the placement of the gas tank.
2) The pictures on Ebay are not the same engine. It does say this in the description but it would be nice to have the correct pictures of the engine kit you are actually buying.
3) $95 for shipping and handling is a questionable practice. Obviously the vendor is building in a fixed profit margin through the shipping. It makes the total price to be $185 to $250 depending on what you bid....comparable to the Chinese 70cc total price.
4) Shipping was quick but kill switch was smashed because the engine was laying on top of it.
5) It has a very small gas tank

1) The kit would be simple to put together if one has instructions.
2) The kit is less complicated than much of the competition
3) The vendor shipped a new kill switch the same day he was notified...not questions or hassles.
4) Performance is not bad for a 40cc centrifugal clutch unit.
5) I think it looks good.
6) Comes with a tool kit

I built this unit for my college age son for transportation from home to university. He is not mechanically inclined and doesn't have the time to tinker. I think it will suit his needs. I would also recommend it for ladies who don't like working a clutch.

It will be interesting to see how it handles hills.
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