Revolution Cycles is back!

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  2. Is that a good thing?
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    While I haven't personally dealt with revolutioncycles (Bryan Semones), he apparently has a bad reputation and lost his eBay account. Maybe this is his old account re-activated with a new name?
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    arceeguy...Good catch
    Its only a matter of time until his "old methods" catch back up with him. :toilet:
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    I was searching for a grubee 4 stroke kit, and stumbled on one of his auctions. I thought he was banned from eBay, but apparently he cleared up whatever problems he had. Looks like he does have a loyal customer base if you look at some of the comments. Like I said, I don't have any personal experience with revolution cycles, he could be misunderstood, or a real jerk. Just wanted to post an FYI.

    User ID.........................Effective Date..................End Date
    revolutioncycle ................Jan-05-07.......................Apr-12-07
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    Revolution / Tucson / Mexico

    The (520) area code he lists is Tucson. That is where he was based before.

    One thing for sure is if you decide to do business there you have been warned!

    The rants about customers, Israel and other things indicate to me to be a troubled mind.

    Lipstick on a pig is still a pig. ) Jim
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    I don't like the guy but i do concider his opinion....interesting on his eBay site he sayes run the gearbox wet.
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    Wet Gears / dry clutch??

    This is not new. He pushed a wet box before. Oviously the manufacture is pushing for wet because of the modified case and engagement lever hole.

    Wet may be good for the gears, but the clutch doesn't seem to be suited for being run wet. Wet clutches I have seen on my trail bikes are all spring loaded multi plate and manual disengaged. Asking a wet friction materal to lock in a wet drive drum doesn't seem to be very logical? What do I know? I only sold the snake oil, never did the R & D for it.)

    I am running white lithium grease wet, but not enough to flood the clutch. I really don't have enough miles on the bike to say this is the answer as I had eye surgery and backed off from taking a chance of having anything injury my eyesight.

    It is interesting that although the importer added features to better seal the case, they didn't add a fill and drain? I did drill the cover above and below the center of the space between the primary clutch / gear and the idler gear, then tap the holes for a 5mm bolt with a nylon sealing washer. Saves a lot of hassle.

    IMHO, the jury is still out on gear noise and lube. If and when a solution is developed, it will come out of these pages. The manufacture and distribution originations do not seem to be heavy in engineering expertise?

    The pioneers for this technology appear to all be graduates from "Bumps College" and actually ride what they are trying to fix.

    If wet is the answer, then why are the bearings all still sealed designed?

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    To revisit a couple of issues- I bought my Grubee Skyhawk II gearbox from him in August '07. I got exactly what I paid for....eventually.....very eventually. I did not have any issues that required contact after I got the product....but from what I have heard, that is where most of the problems lie.

    As for running it wet- I think it can work...but I have not had any luck getting it to work long term. I ran the clutch "wet" under the recommendation from bicycles-engines. For about 50 miles, it worked great, but then it started to slip more and more and that caused the gearbox to get hotter and hotter.

    I now use about 7 ounces of sticky, stringy grease. It is thick and does not flow, so even though it is packed around the clutch, very little if any would get in there. Centrifugal force would keep it from getting in there while running. With this setup, the gearbox is quiet and not at all hot. I replaced the 6mm tapped drain hole with a grease fitting.
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  10. E-Bay is tough now. Vendors cannot anymore rate the buyers. Only the buyers can rate the sellers. Which is pretty rule. And E-bay apparently has incentives for the sellers to save some money if they get customers giving them 4 or more stars so the incentive to be honest is there.
    But I wouldn't want to deal with anyone from Mexico. Package may come with missing parts for Immigration or whoever got a hold of it. But that's just my opinion.
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    Yippee! I can't wait to read the horror stories of buyers dealing with this vendor. Seriously, I hope folks check out a forum such as ours to get the scoop on a vendor before buying.
  12. Revo Boy moved to Mexico because

    A) He wants to evade taxes that's what he wrote.

    B) People are after him after making that video and they found out where he lived.

    C) Running from the law because of same video showing Bryant buying rolling papers tipped off authorities drama ensues.

    D) Because Mexico is Beautiful.

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    i have enough experience with him on this site and eBay, during the 2years i've been coming here, to know that he's a first-class PUNK. actually, calling him a punk, is disrespectful to punks.

    a) who wants to pay taxes?

    b) i saw the video after i moved from tucson, but i know exactly which quik-mart that is and wish i'd seen it sooner.

    c) buying zig-zigs doesnt interest authorities

    d) i've heard it is beautiful! i was only an hours drive away all that time, and never went. (wasnt allowed to cross state lines :whistling:)

    LARGE FILIPINO: you're my bud n all, but i think you're mistaken re: sellers not being able to leave feedback on buyers.

    OOPS! i'm said 'rate'. i thought you meant 'feedback'. my bad.

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  14. Correct, Sellers on Ebay just cant leave a negative feedback that reflects on the buyer. Just negative comments!!!!!!!
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    Ah, Ha

    Told ya' the folks that do bad get caught. A good product, at a fair price. Stand by your stuff, You can't go wrong.
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    Now you've got me curious; what did this guy do in this video to get folks mad at him.
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    its nothing he did in the video, that gave just cause for hatred. it's he himself, and the shady (downright scandalous, actually) business practices he's enganged in.
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    Why does grubee and his distributor still deal with him?
    You don't see many people selling grubee kits, and Bryan seems to be one of the few people to buy them from.
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    remember...the dude likes to see his name in print. Good or bad....doesn't matter.....

    a quick search turned up these links....

    He's probably "smiling" about this thread, right now.

    care to speak up, Bryan??? :p